The Perfect Studio for an Audiobook

audibleApproved Dynamix is an Audible Approved studio. That checkmark means that our studio is a trusted and verified source for the highest-quality audiobooks. Dynamix has produced dozens of books that are on Audible, the largest online marketplace for audiobooks. Their rigorous standards can assure you that we're doing something right. Our quiet recording booths coupled with classic benchmark microphones is just the beginning. Direction, editing, and mastering finish out the total package. Click this link to visit out ACX producer's page.

The Transformation of an Old Technology

The number of audiobook titles have surged from 7,000 in 2011, to 35,000 in 2013. And that number is growing. Scribd subscribers logged 270,000 listening hours in two months when 30,000 audiobooks were added to their library in 2014. Faster internet speeds, better digital audio software, and more narrators jumping onto the bandwagon are helping to fuel the renaissance of audiobooks. Today, it's easier than ever to have your book available to the growing masses that are devouring audiobooks.


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