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Neil Kesterson

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Dynamix is owned by Neil Kesterson, an industry veteran with more than thirty years experience in the recording industry. Neil has been a sound designer for film, video, television, theatre, games, web, and multimedia. His very first film sound design job was recreating the historic Bell X-1 breaking the sound barrier, of which pilot and aviation legend Chuck Yeager said was the most realistic he had ever heard.

You might have heard his work on NPR, HBO, Amazon, CBS, ABC, NBC, ESPN, Fox Sports Net, or PBS, to name a few.

Maybe you've seen documentaries like The Lincolns in Kentucky, Henry Clay and the Struggle for the Union, A&E Biography: The Monkees, Bourbon & Kentucky, Nick Nolte: No Exit, Damn Bad Oyster..., or The Johnny Cash Anthology.

You might have seen television and streaming programs such as
Tremé, Mad Dogs, Mind Games, Law & Order: SVU, or America’s Got Talent.

Perhaps you've seen the films
Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3, Felon, Strange Wilderness, Hide and Seek, Beauty Shop, or Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride: Hunter S. Thompson on Film.

Or, you might remember commercials for Alltech, Temper-Pedic, Keeneland Race Track, Kentucky Department of Transportation, Kentucky State Police, the South Eastern Conference, the University of Kentucky, or Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky.

You could have heard the Audio books
Bounce Back by John Calipari with David Scott, or Frederick’s Queen by Suzan Tisdale.

You might even wake up to the Dick Vitale Alarm Clock, or laugh to comedian Mike Macrae's or Greg Warren's CD.

Awards include those from the Telly Awards, International Broadcasting Awards, Silver Microphone Awards, and the American Advertising Federation.

All of this name dropping really means just one thing - the experience you need to fulfill your creative vision.

Dustin Jones

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Dustin, previously a Music Technology major from Transylvania University, is a pretty goofy and laid back fellow. After falling in love with the idea of audio production by experimenting with Fruity Loops in his high school IT class, he decided to follow his passion and make it a career. So far it is turning out well. He has been credited as an assistant sound-designer for a full-length documentary, worked with numerous high-profile clients, and has gotten to produce instrumentals for local musicians in town.

In his spare time, Dustin likes to participate in a multitude of nerdy activities, such as playing tabletop board games, helping design audio for independent video game ventures, reading comics, studying film, practicing French Horn, consuming too much fantastic craft beer, and several other similar doings. Music is his first love, and he currently scratches the music itch by producing works with a hip-hop collective he is a part of, and also producing EP’s for other artists in the tri-state area. A fun fact is that he cannot swim and almost drowned in a 3 foot pool, even though he is 6 foot and 3 inches tall. Talk about embarrassing moments.

Mara Kesterson

Mara works in our business office, assists in productions, and helps with marketing. The daughter of the owner, Mara has been in recording studios since she was an infant (usually trying to grab a fader as a toddler). Her attention to every little detail with your account will assure you that you are in good hands. Mara can also help you with graphic arts, logo, web and print layout, and other projects required a trained eye. Mara has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Kentucky in printmaking, with a minor in art history.


Daisy is the studio mascot. A pure-bred yellow labrador retriever, Daisy is at the ready to greet you and make your visit to Dynamix a pleasurable one - that is if you rub her belly.
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