"Eastern Standard" Radio Program to be Produced at Dynamix


WEKU-FM’s “Eastern Standard” program to be produced at Dynamix Productions in Lexington

Partnership brings flagship Central Kentucky radio program to local recording studio

July 17, 2018

LEXINGTON, KY – Dynamix Productions, Inc., a recording studio in Lexington, KY, and WEKU-FM, Eastern Kentucky University’s public radio station in Richmond, KY, have announced a partnership that will move primary production of the popular long-running radio program “Eastern Standard” to the studios of Dynamix. The first program produced at Dynamix will air Thursday, July 19, 2018 at 11:00 AM. By bringing the production to Lexington, producers will have easier access to Central Kentucky business, healthcare, and education leaders, as well as local artists, entertainers, and other newsmakers. The move underlines WEKU’s commitment to providing the area’s most concise and in-depth coverage of news, issues, and ideas that directly affect Central Kentuckians. The program’s expansion to the studios of Dynamix Productions is made possible by a generous gift to WEKU from Alltech in Nicholasville, KY.

“I’m excited to have one of the area’s best radio programs originate from our studios,” said Neil Kesterson, owner of Dynamix Productions. “We get to have a steady flow of some of Central Kentucky’s most important movers and shakers right through our doors. It will be very rewarding to be a part of a show that explores a subject in-depth with such maturity and integrity.” Many of the upcoming programs will feature one-on-one interviews conducted in Dynamix’s studios with people that are making news. Dynamix already originates live and recorded interviews with local newsmakers for National Public Radio, the BBC, WBUR Boston, WNYC, Minnesota Public Radio, and other public radio affiliates across the country.

Hosted by network news veteran Tom Martin, “Eastern Standard,” is a public affairs program that covers a broad range of topics of interest to Kentuckians. Resources for topics include WEKU’s reporting partner, the Ohio Valley ReSource, a partnership with seven public media outlets across three states; the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting; the Lexington Herald-Leader; and National Public Radio. “Eastern Standard” can be heard Thursdays at 11:00 AM and Sundays at 6:00 PM on 88.9 WEKU-FM.

Dynamix Productions, Inc., operating since 2003, is an audio recording and post-production facility in Lexington, Kentucky that specializes in sound for picture, corporate communications, advertising, audiobooks, podcasting, broadcasting, and voice-overs. In 15 years, Dynamix and its productions have won more than one hundred awards. Owner Neil Kesterson is an industry veteran with more than thirty years experience producing audio recordings, film and video soundtracks, broadcast programs, and documentaries.

WEKU-FM (88.9 FM) is a National Public Radio-affiliated station in Richmond, Kentucky. Owned by Eastern Kentucky University, it primarily features NPR news and talk programming, along with classical music (102.1 FM). WEKU also operates satellite stations throughout the region. WEKU has served the Central and Southeastern Kentucky region for 50 years. It has developed a loyal listening base among Kentucky citizens.

Tom Martin is a network news radio veteran, working for such prestigious organizations as AP Radio, RKO Network News, ABC News, and Paul Harvey News. He is currently a columnist for the Lexington Herald-Leader, co-publisher of UnderMain, advisor for the student newspaper at Transylvania University, and keyboardist for the Patrick McNeese Band.

Alltech is a private, family-owned company dedicated to improving the health of animals, plants and people through nutrition and scientific innovation. Headquartered just outside of Lexington, Kentucky, Alltech has a strong presence in all regions of the world.


Dynamix Productions, Inc. Contact Neil Kesterson at neil@dxaudio.com, visit the web site www.dxaudio.com, or call 859-335-1011.

Eastern Standard. Visit the website: www.esweku.com, or contact via email through the website contact form at: https://esweku.com/contact.

WEKU-FM. Visit the website: www.weku.fm, call 800-621-8890, or email weku@eku.edu.

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