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We always care about how customers see our business. But I’ll bet you probably never thought about how you sound to your customers. If part of your branding includes web videos, then you may be missing out on potential business. Why? Video is one of the most effective ways to reach your customers, and like your front door, it may be their first impression of you. If its well produced, it will have a positive impact. If your video has problems, it will immediately be perceived with negativity – something your company doesn’t need.

With the vast amount of online media, viewers are savvy about quality and have a higher level of expectation than ever before. Great looking videos are now easy to make because high-definition is built right in to low cost DSLRs and smart phones. But one of the most glaring problems with many videos is not the visual part –
it’s the sound.

That’s where
Dynamix Productions comes to the rescue. Many compact cameras can’t record high-quality sound, so users are forced to use the built-in microphone resulting in distant, noisy, and reverberant audio. This is distracting and will pull the viewer’s attention away from your message. Dynamix can provide high-level audio recording services for your videos so that the presenter is heard with clarity, with no wires in view. We utilize the same equipment that major Hollywood productions use. Some of our clients for these types of productions include Lexmark, Alltech, Keeneland, University of Kentucky Health Care, NBC Television, and The Travel Channel.

Other common problems with video soundtracks are uneven volume, an inexperienced narrator, background noise, music choices, and other problems that challenge both the listener and video producer. Our specialty is to make your video sound its best, because that’s what owner Neil Kesterson has been doing for more than thirty years. Our soundtracks have been heard on national television and radio networks, the silver screen, stage, DVDs, the web, and in the corporate boardroom. Dynamix can tailor your sound to any audience.

Our studios on North Ashland Avenue have been meticulously designed to provide the best possible recording experience for you. Our two voice-over rooms are true floating acoustic spaces with maximum isolation and minimum reflections. Our air handling system is designed to provide continuous silent operation during recording. The equipment and software we use is industry standard and even meets the tough standards of such clients as
National Public Radio, Sony Pictures, Disney, HBO, ABC, and NBC.

If you think that all this namedropping means we only go after big fish, then you’re right. That’s why we want to work with you. Each and every client of ours is important, no matter the budget. Ready to take that next step and make your next production sound amazing? Give us a call at 859-335-1011,
or email us. Better yet, come and see us.

Listen to our corporate / Marketing demo here

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