Audio Forensics

Forensic Audio Services

Many law enforcement agencies, attorneys, legal organizations, transcription services, and individuals have relied on Dynamix Productions to help enhance conversations and other sounds on important recordings. We use the latest digital enhancing and noise reduction filters to maximize the difference between the subject recording and the noise floor. Many audio and video recordings have unwanted background noise associated with poorly placed microphones, noise induced during recording, excessive background noise, and low volume speaking. Much of this can be enhanced using simple equalization, however some require extensive filters.

Free Estimate!

Send us your recording and we will provide a free estimate based on your requirements. We listen to the recording and determine how much filtering might be required. Work won't begin until you approve the projected costs.

Video, Too!

We also enhance video recordings. Often, camera microphones pick up too much background noise because they are not near the subject being videoptaped. Most of the time, we can eliminate enough background noise to hear intelligible conversation. We can also provide video enhancing services as well using one of our strategic partners, Post Time Productions.


We provide completely confidential forensic services. When a recording is involved in a legal or criminal case, we never disclose any information, make copies, or alter the recording in any way (other than frequency and volume enhancement).

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