Put your LP onto CD…

…or any other analog source. We specialize in digitizing your old records and tapes. We can even make them sound better! Many people have family recordings, out-of-print records, or recordings of interest that just beg to be heard again. We can take almost any format and transfer it to the universal audio CD format or as audio WAVs or mp3s.

Some of our most interesting restorations include:

  • A 33 1/3 RPM disc from World War II. Released as a national feel-good story by the War Department, this recording featured the client's father as a young Marine describing his battle on Okinawa that saw half of his company killed or wounded. The client had no idea his father had participated in the deadliest battle in the Pacific. The unique thing about this record was that it was recorded at 33 1/3 speed, something very unusual in those days.
  • Man-O-War's funeral, 1947. One of the greatest race horses of all time had his funeral broadcast on local radio. This 78-speed record was shaped like a salad bowl when it came in. After careful low-temperature baking with a thick piece of tempered glass on top, it was perfectly flat and ready to be heard again.
  • The cassette mix tape collection. A customer had been making mix tapes of his favorite music up until the 1990s. There were literally dozens and dozens of these he wanted transferred onto CD. Using multiple cassette decks, we were able to transfer four cassettes at a time to our digital workstation. This saved time –and more importantly, money – for the customer.
  • The Grateful Dead, 1971. One of our repeat clients had several "direct-feed" tapes recorded in San Francisco during the band's heyday. The Dead were notorious for letting concert-goers record the performances for their own enjoyment. These tapes were supposedly first generation recordings. Some tapes were recorded "split-track," with rhythm/percussion on one track, and guitars/vocals on the other.
  • Early 20th Century veterinary oral histories. The Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association had several old recordings of veterinarians describing the perils and difficulties of running a practice in Kentucky. Many vets related stories from before World War I and II. One interesting note was the early use of radiophones by vets because of the large area they had to cover. One man was the sole large animal vet in eastern Kentucky/western West Virginia.
  • The Barney Fife of the Air Force. One gentlemen brought in radio communications recordings made from the control tower at an Air Force training base. A flight instructor was on his last training mission before reassignment. He was taking his five green pilots up for their first solo flights – at least that's what he thought. Seasoned pilots had surreptitiously climbed into the cockpits in place of the trainees. When it was time to do simple maneuvers, they would do everything wrong, including buzzing the tower. The high-strung trainer can be heard yelling at the top of his lungs over the background cackling of the control tower personnel.
  • Audio Postcard. A very popular way of communicating over long distances during the 1960s was by mailing a small reel-to-reel tape back and forth. Long distance phone calls were expensive or impossible in those days. One client brought in a recording that his mother had made when they lived in Hawaii in the early 1960s. He was just a baby then and could be heard in the background babbling on as she talked about her daily life. She died shortly after, so this was essentially the first time he had heard his mother's voice. A very touching moment indeed.

Many old recordings may have been neglected and require special attention – we can help! For LPs and records, all that's usually needed is a thorough hand cleaning along with a digital “cleaning” using noise-reduction software to reduce of pops and surface noise. For tapes, a digital filtering process can reduce or even remove hiss, making most of these playable again.

We can also go the distance. If your recording requires extra attention, we have the knowledge and expertise to restore some of the most difficult recordings. Using our forensic audio experience, we can meticulously eliminate pops, motor noise, hiss, speed problems, and many other problems associated with poor storage. Records that are warped can usually be flattened. For tapes that have flaking (sticky-shed), a "baking" process usually restores the tape long enough to recover the recording. We can't always miraculously restore a recording to studio quality, so we offer a free quote before any work begins.

We will treat all recordings with the respect they deserve. No recording is just another job to us. We take pleasure in restoring a memory for your pleasure. Your recording will be handled, restored, and returned carefully.

We use professional-quality playback devices to transfer to high-resolution digital audio workstations. Using
Izotope RX and Steinberg Nuendo, we digitally process and master the recording. Click here to see our list of archival equipment.

Click here to listen to our restoration demo


33 1/3 LP or 78 record $15 per disc. Light noise-reduction and bands cued as tracks or files.
Cassette, micro-cassette $15 per cassette. Light noise-reduction and songs/programs cued as tracks or files.
8-Track tape $15 per cartridge. Light noise-reduction and songs/programs cued as tracks or files.
Reel-to-reels $15 per 5" or smaller reel. $25 per 7"-10" reel. Light noise-reduction and songs/programs cued as tracks or files.
Tape Baking (for sticky-shed problems) $10 per reel. Project may delayed. Not all tapes are recoverable with this process.
Record Flattening $10 per disc. Project may be delayed. Disc may be permanently damaged during this process, so there are no guarantees.
Extensive restoration $150 per hour (1 hour minimum). Some recordings require extensive noise-reduction, filtering, equalization, and other specialized restoration. We suggest you first have the recording transferred to determine viability. We can provide an estimate before any extensive restoration begins.

The minimum transfer fee is $15. Quantity discounts available. Please call or email us for a more detailed quote. We strive to deliver as soon as possible, but please allow 10 business days for your project to be complete.

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