Sound For Picture

Sound for Picture

Why use a sound professional for your video?

As film maker George Lucas said about a movie, "Sound is half the experience…sound is where you get the most bang for your buck." So why let your video only be halfway there? If you make any type of video, the soundtrack must not detract from the visuals. The soundtrack is the most overlooked element of a video, especially when time or money is short. That’s usually because there’s a misperception that hiring sound professionals is expensive, but it can actually be more expensive not to. For example, fixing and masking bad location sound can cost many times more than a sound mixer on the set would have. And your video might lack credibility if the soundtrack has problems. In a typical network television or cinema production, the budget for sound (excluding composer and musicians) averages only 8-15% of the total budget. You might have to cut back on craft services a little, but you’ll be eating your competition’s lunch with your awesome soundtrack.

Who uses Dynamix for their video soundtracks?

  • Producers who are always looking for an edge in reducing time and costs. Why pay your video editor to edit and mix the soundtrack at video editing rates? Let your video editor concentrate on finessing the picture, while Dynamix finesses the sound.
  • Video editors who know sound manipulation tools in editing programs are woefully lacking and grueling to use. Plus, an edit suite usually has a half dozen equipment fans whirring. Let Dynamix fine tune the sound, while you craft the video.
  • Directors who seek out creative professionals that can fulfill their vision. The soundtrack has to help tell the story, not draw attention to itself with distracting noises, low dialog, or rough edits. Let Dynamix take your creative vision to the next level.

Why should you use Dynamix for your next video soundtrack?

We combine the latest methods and technology with proven experience to craft soundtracks for moving images - it’s our specialty. For over twenty-five years, owner Neil Kesterson has been a sound designer for film, video, television, theatre, games, web, and multimedia. Your project needs the individual attention to sound that only a professional can bring. Whether it's a music background, bigger than life sound effects, or just a simple narration, we can take your idea from infancy to reality.

Dynamix Mix to Picture Demo from Dynamix Productions on Vimeo.

Watch our sound-for-picture demos here.


  • Steinberg Nuendo software with full AAF, OMF, AES31, MXF and EDL import options. We can read video projects from almost any current video editing system.
  • 5.1 Surround Sound option
  • ADR capabilities
  • Major sound effects and music libraries
  • Effective denoiser software for troublesome location recordings
  • Extensive experience in matching environments for ADR and other projects requiring replacement sound
  • Location recording kit for dialog and sound effects collection


We have been hired for sound-for-picture projects by:

  • Disney
  • HBO
  • ABC
  • MGM
  • NBC
  • Sony Pictures
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Warner Brothers Studios

Watch our sound-for-picture demos here.

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