Technical Info

Technical Information

ISDN Information

Telos Zephyr Xstream has all the latest codecs. For voice-overs, we prefer: Layer II, Mono-128, 48KHz.
ISDN line#1:
ISDN line#2:

*Note: these are not voice numbers. Please contact us at 859-335-1011.

Tieline Information

Tieline Bridge-IT available. Please contact us for IP address.

Sending Audio To Us

In order of preference

1. Uncompressed file-AIFF, BWF, or WAV file. (native sample rate, or 48 KHz,44.1 KHz, 96KHz, or 88.2 KHz), (24-bit or 16-bit)

2. AAF, OMF, AES31, MXF, or OpenTL

3. Audio CD (Red Book standard)

4. Compressed file (low loss or lossless)-Apple lossless, Mpeg 2, Dolby AAC (Apple iTunes format), or Windows Media WMV. (48 KHz or 44.1 KHz), 24-bit or 16-bit)

4. Compressed file (lossy)-MP3, MP3-Pro, Windows Media WMV. (48 KHz or 44.1 KHz), (320kps STEREO or 160kps MONO)

5. Other files we can import include: Quicktime, SDII, Dolby Digital, BWF64, and Ogg Vorbis.

6. DAT tape (48 KHz or 44.1 KHz), open reel 1/4” quarter-, half-, or full-track. 15ips or 7.5ips, NAB,
320 nWb/M

Please check with us, because formats and capabilities are continually changing as technology and software progress.

Sending Video To Us

We edit sound-for-video within our computer program, we do not edit video. Therefore, we prefer a Quicktime or AVI file already formatted to our standards. We can convert your video from most recent formats to what we need, however there will be additional charges. We use Nuendo Media Production software. See this link for detailed video specs.

In order of preference:

1. Quicktime movie. HD or SD, full size, native frame rate,
ProRes (native format of Apple Final Cut Pro), or DNxHD (Avid’s native format) audio-48 KHz - 24-bit

2. AVI movie with same format as Quicktime.

3. Photo-JPEG or Motion-JPEG 75% quality.

4. Quicktime H.264, also known as MPEG-4 AVC.

5. D-Beta, Beta SP, Beta IMX, Beta SX, DV Cam, mini-DV, HD, DVC-Pro (conversion fees apply).

4. DVD, VHS, or S-VHS (conversion fees apply)

5. 3/4" U-Matic videotape with timecode (conversion fees apply)

6. Other video files not converted to our standards may be able to be converted, however there will be conversion fees. Please ask first.

Preparing Radio Distribution Orders

These are things you can do ahead of time that will ensure a smooth process.


*Call Dynamix and talk to someone in person to place your order. We can't guarantee orders placed by email or fax only.

*You may fax (859-335-1012) or email information to us ahead of time, but please get verbal confirmation.

*We will call or email you personally to confirm your order. Please leave contact information.


*Have an ISCI code (spot ID) already assigned when production begins

*Radio station deliveries must include: station call letters and band (AM or FM) and email address

*Deliveries to networks, syndicators, productions studios and others must include exact program, channel, contact name, city/state, phone number, and email.

*If multiple spots and/or cities are involved, we must have destinations sorted by groups. Please contact us for direction.

*Most stations are used to receiving radio spots by email. We send a link only, and they must download from our web server. Sending mp3's directly usually gets filtered for spam, or rejected because of file size and we don't recommend it.


*We prefer that you handle sending traffic instructions. However, traffic instructions can be sent along with the order (1 page per group). Files we can attach are PDF, MS Word, and MS Excel. Paper instructions are okay, but take longer to process and will require extra charge for scanning. Instructions not already in printed or file form can be entered manually for each group (extra charges may apply for large orders). All instructions must be in writing.


*Spots not produced at Dynamix must be in electronic form (such as WAV, AIFF or mp3) or audio CD. All other formats will incur a transfer charge.


*Cutoff time to send an order is 4:30 PM Eastern.

*Most orders can be sent the same day if they are placed by 3:00 PM Eastern. Large orders may require 24-48 hours turnaround.

*Please give as much advance notification as possible before an order is placed to ensure we are properly staffed to complete your order.
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