Meet the People at Dynamix

Who we are

Neil Kesterson

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Dynamix Productions is owned by Neil Kesterson, a sound designer for film, video, television, radio, audiobooks, theatre, games, web, and multimedia since 1985. His very first sound design job was to recreate the Bell X-1 breaking the sound barrier, of which pilot and aviation legend Chuck Yeager said was the most realistic depiction of the historic even he had ever heard.

Neil Kesterson's work has been heard on most major television and radio networks, in theaters, on video, and in arenas. Some projects of note include the television shows
Treme on HBO; Mad Dogs on Amazon; Law & Order: SVU on NBC; and Mind Games and The Crossing on ABC.

Documentaries include
A&E Biography: The Monkees; The Lincolns in Kentucky; Nick Nolte: No Exit; and The Johnny Cash Anthology.

Motion pictures include
War for the Planet of the Apes; Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days; Strange Wilderness; and Hide and Seek.

Other projects of note include "The Dick Vitale Alarm Clock"; comedy albums for Greg Warren and Mike Macrae; and live radio broadcast work for the NCAA, The Triple Crown Radio Network, and NPR.

Awards include those from the International Broadcasting Awards, Telly Awards, Silver Microphone Awards, the American Advertising Federation, and one Emmy nomination.

Read his resume here.

Dustin Jones

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Dustin, previously a Music Technology major from Transylvania University, is a pretty goofy and laid back fellow. After falling in love with the idea of audio production by experimenting with Fruity Loops in his high school IT class, he decided to follow his passion and make it a career. So far it is turning out well. He has been credited as an assistant sound-designer for a full-length documentary, worked with numerous high-profile clients, and has gotten to produce instrumentals for local musicians in town.

In his spare time, Dustin likes to participate in a multitude of nerdy activities, such as playing tabletop board games, helping design audio for independent video game ventures, reading comics, studying film, practicing French Horn, consuming too much fantastic craft beer, and several other similar doings. Music is his first love, and he currently scratches the music itch by producing works with a hip-hop collective he is a part of, and also producing EP’s for other artists in the tri-state area. A fun fact is that he cannot swim and almost drowned in a 3 foot pool, even though he is 6 foot and 3 inches tall. Talk about embarrassing moments.

Mara Kesterson

Mara is our office and business manager, as well as a marketing associate, producer, editor, and graphic designer. The daughter of the owner, Mara has been in recording studios since she was an infant (usually trying to grab a fader as a toddler). Her attention to every little detail with your account will assure you that you are in good hands. Mara can also help you with graphic arts, logo, web and print layout, and other projects required a trained eye. Mara has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Kentucky in printmaking, with a minor in art history.



Meet our new director of customer relations, Ella Fitzgeraldine. Her previous employment was with the Lexington Humane Society. Ella has big shoes to fill, but is up to the task. Ella is a Labrador Retriever mix and hails originally from Taylor County. Ella is very sweet with humans and cats and has adjusted well to other dogs, but please let us know before you bring your canine buddy in. She’s also an escape artist, so beware when you come and go. We’ve found her down the street a few times already.

Daisy studio portrait
Our previous director of customer relations was Daisy. Daisy the wonder dog lived to be 15 1/2 years old (that's 100 dog years!). She filled many roles, mostly as chief greeter. Many hands – famous and not – petted her head for passage, some even paying the toll with a treat.

She was also chief of security, making sure no other dogs were allowed entry. Cats were okay.

She was chief plate washer, no need for a dishrag with her around.

She was also an excellent critic. Resting on her throne in the back of the control room, she heard every word uttered by announcers. She would sometimes sit up when something wasn't read right. Occasionally she would let a stinker as a critique of an announcer's delivery. The greatest compliment was when she slept through a performance. If you got a snore then you were an ace.

But her greatest asset to the studio was as the great equalizer. With the exception of a few dog-fearing people (I still can't understand who would be afraid of Daisy), she calmed many a heart. The most pretentious, crankiest, obnoxious, black-hearted, self-absorbed producer would absolutely melt onto the floor beside her blubbering puppy-talk while whole-heartedly praising every effort by the talent and engineer. Now that's what I call a great session, all because of Daisy.
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