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Finch's FAX - June 2020 News

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"I got a chain letter by fax. It's very simple. You just fax a dollar bill to everybody on the list."

Steven Wright

William G.H. Finch had a crazy idea. He liked efficiency, and he liked news. He imagined a future that would merge those together for the average American. Americans like Joe and Jane. When they woke up in the morning, this crazy idea goes, a box in their parlor had just printed out the latest news onto paper with stories and pictures, ready to be poured over while eating their breakfast. Wait – that kinda sounds like the here and now. What's crazy is that this brainchild was born in 1933.

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Lincoln in Illinois wins two Silver Telly Awards



Witnessing History's most recent production, “In the Declaration All Men are Created Equal: Abraham Lincoln in Illinois, 1830 to 1860," has been awarded 2020 Silver Telly Awards in two categories: "History Documentary" and “General Documentary.” We were in very good company with a handful of winners, including the Ken Burns documentary "Country Music."

Dynamix Productions provided location recording and post production sound design and mixing. Clark Cranfill composed the music. We're very proud to be associated with Kent Masterson Brown and the whole team at Witnessing History Foundation. Watch the entire documentary free on YouTube.

Free Music! - May 2020 News

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"Well, folks, now we've got free baseball!"

Baseball announcer Skip Caray whenever a game went into extra innings

We're so used to living in a litigious society that when someone says "free," it feels like strings are attached. But now there are two exciting web sites for music lovers to explore that are...wait for!

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The Sound of a Lockdown - April 2020 News


"In radio, you have two tools. Sound and silence."

Ira Glass

Journalists are broadcasting from their backyards, guests are on Zoom, and the news sounds less-than-polished. But we don't know how good we got it. Plus, find out what's been going on at Dynamix lately.

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Piracy on the Hi-Res - March 2020 News

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“There comes a time in a man's life when he hears the call of the sea. If the man has a brain in his head, he will hang up the phone immediately.”
Dave Barry

Something people have been overpaying for since forever are music knockoffs. In the 1800s hucksters would blatantly rip-off sheet music; early records were either re-recorded or re-pressed from originals; and illegally replicated compact discs filled up warehouses for decades. Savvy consumers usually know fake from fact, but in this digital only world, it's getting harder to tell. But help is on the way. Plus, find out what's been going on at Dynamix lately.

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