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Push the Right Buttons
A Practical Guide to Becoming and Succeeding as an Audio Engineer and Producer

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Get the book now and push the right buttons to jump start an exciting career in audio production. Step by step, learn how to balance creativity with professionalism in the fascinating world of music production, television and film sound design, live sound, broadcasting, advertising, and more. Avoid common pitfalls while streamlining the path to your dream.

Take a deep dive into real-world productions and learn techniques, equipment, and problem solving. Discover how to build, navigate, and sustain complex relationships with directors, producers, talent, and clients. Explore studio and film set etiquette, procedures, and best practices. The author, who has spent four decades in the business, shares audio engineering tricks and advice. Get a breakdown of recording basics, nuanced editing techniques, digital audio concepts, time management, and more. The curtain is pulled back and the magic revealed in Push the Right Buttons: A Practical Guide to Becoming and Succeeding as an Audio Engineer and Producer.

•Paperback (585 pages), eBook, and audiobook

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The Beat of a Different Drummer
The Story of America's Last All-Female Military Band

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This is the award-winning story of America’s last all-female military band - the 14th Army Women’s Army Corps Band. The other military branches fielded all-female bands, but the WAC Band survived longer than any. Through four decades, the WAC Band offered a woman the rare chance to have a career as a professional musician.

The standards were very high for WAC Band members. They were not only elite musicians, they were representatives of the United States Army. Their audiences were diverse - they marched out recruits for morning drills; they performed for enthusiastic audiences in small town America; and they played for presidents.

The struggle for equal rights has been a familiar burden for women throughout history. But these women chose to follow their own dreams. They marched down a road that would usher in a new era for women in America. They marched to the beat of a different drummer.

Special Feature: Complete 2004 WAC Band reunion concert, their first performance in 28 years!

78 minutes (NTSC DVD-Video, 16:9 Widescreen, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround)

More Women's Army Corp Band products are available, including mp3 albums of past reunion and archival performances.

Go to the WAC Band store front here.

Go to the WAC Band site here.