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From the Engineer's Chair

Audio engineer

I Might Not Can Say That Word

Sitting in front of my studio speakers can sometimes bring loads of laughter. Nobody said this had to be a serious business, so I try to find humor whenever possible. But a lot of times, it happens all by itself. It's not easy for an announcer to sit in a vocal booth with a microphone stuck in his face, all ears and eyes on him, and have every word scrutinized. Read More...

What Did You Expect?

Welcome to the first edition of an informal look at the world from the view of an audio engineer. Now I know what you’re thinking - all that engineers are interested in are the latest electronic toys and model numbers, we say cryptic things to each other like “that A-I-F-F needs to be minus twenty D-B before you set your levels to zero,” and we can’t possibly have a grasp on the “real world” going on outside our padded walls that we call the studio. Read More...