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"He Who Is Blessed" Reaches National Audience

The documentary "He Who Is Blessed," produced by Chris Barrett of Tutto Buono Productions has been selected by the National Educational Telecommunications Association for national distribution via PBS. It will be made available via satellite over the course of the year to local affiliates to air in their own schedule. "He Who is Blessed" is about a successful New York publisher that became a monk in midlife. He was called on to re-enter the secular world he once knew in order to save the monastery from financial disaster. Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions was the post-production audio engineer. Chris makes a request to PBS stations and those interested in having this documentary aired:

If you are a member of your local PBS station, or have friendly or businessconnections with decision-makers there, feel free to recommend "He Who IsBlessed." Here is the relevant information which, as you can see, pasteseasily into a persuasive email: "HE WHO IS BLESSED is available via NETAuplink Sunday, January 1, 2006 at 7:30PM -8:30 PM ET on transponder 513.Please take advantage of this opportunity. Visit hewhoisblessed.com or ring434 842 3723 for more info."