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Music is My Life - December 2012 Newsletter


Most recording engineers come to the industry by way of music.  That's certainly true of us here at Dynamix.  I started taking piano lessons at age 7, and continued music lessons on guitar and trombone through college.  My fascination with recording gear started about that same early age with a cassette recorder.

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Book Knowledge - November 2012 Newsletter


Audio books, or what used to be called "books-on-tape," are gaining in popularity now that listeners can easily download them to their portable listening device.  In the old days, you had to fumble with a box of tapes or CDs.  Now, thanks to software like iTunes, you put a whole library in your pocket.

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A Long March - October 2012 Newsletter


"In 1978, a long march of 35 years came to a halt.  It was the end of the WAC, the Women's Army Corps - but a new beginning for American women."  Those are the first words from the documentary The Beat of a Different Drummer: The Story of America's Last All-Female Military Band.  It's the first self-produced documentary from Dynamix Productions, and it goes on sale this month.

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Tools of the Trade - September 2012 Newsletter


Okay, this is not a gear-geek column (but you fellow geeks can find a little tech talk in the next section "Dynamix Tech Notes").  But rather, a primer on why and how we make our choices for certain audio production equipment.

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Turn it Down! August 2012 Newsletter


The volume is getting turned down on television commercials.  What does that mean for you, the producer or advertiser?

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid Opens in Theaters

July 2012 News from Dynamix - BOOM Go the Fireworks!

Independence Day reminds me about fireworks.  Which remind me of explosions. Which remind me of sound effects.
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June 2012 News from Dynamix - the Cool Factor

When Dynamix Productions started planning our much needed expansion about two years ago, we naturally looked at renovating new space in our existing building. Read More...

Battle on Broadway Documentary

Post-production was completed for "Battle on Broadway: Transylvania vs. University of Kentucky" (JuddFilms, Lexington, KY). This documentary, produced by Transy graduate and former basketball player Blake Judd, is about the first meeting on the basketball court in 100 years between Transy and the University of Kentucky. Dane Dickmann of Dynamix Productions did the sound design.
Find out more and watch the video here.

May 2012 Newsletter - And Down the Stretch They Come!

A jam-packed field.  Each running neck-and-neck trying to lead the pack.  The whole mass moving toward the finish line with breathtaking speed.  Finally it ends, but it's too close to call!!! Read More...

Production Begins on "Southern Cross"

Production has begun on the documentary "Southern Cross," about the first Confederate battle flag. Read More...

Teamwork - April 2012 News


With the recent college basketball championships engulfing our March, it's easy to see what it takes to make a winner: teamwork. Okay, I know it sounds cliché, but it's the same in production. If a coach only relies on one player, then the team will eventually fail. Everyone sees the other players just standing around and "phoning it in." What would you think? "Good player, but this team could be so much more." What about "Good video, but it could be so much more."


March 2012 News from Dynamix - Bending Music

This month, we may change your perception of library, or “needle drop” music. Read More...

Eagle Rare 2012 Award Announced

Eagle Rare has announced that Edward E. Clark, Jr. has won the The Eagle Rare Life Award for 2012. Read More...

February 2012 Newsletter - Replacing Dialog in Videos

Replacing dialog in video and film has come a long way since Clint Eastwood had to dub dialog for his spaghetti westerns. Learn how we do it.


ADR for Disney

Steve Zahn-Disney_IMG_1462

Steve Zahn was in once again to do ADR at Dynamix. This time it was for Disney Television's "Phineas & Ferb" series. Zahn plays the character Love Handel.

To find out more, click here.

ADR for Diary of a Wimpy Kid 3

Steve Zahn was in Dynamix Productions yesterday performing ADR for the soon to be released "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days." This is Zahn's third time around as father Frank Heffley in this popular franchise. Read More...

Audiobook ready for distribution

“The Emperor of Time,” a children’s book by Greg King was recorded and produced early last year as a companion audiobook. Read by the author, it was enhanced with music and sound effects. Read More...

WEKU's "Corner Booth" Series produced by Dynamix

A series featuring Central Kentucky musicians and songwriters, “Corner Booth,” is now up and running on WEKU-FM, 88.9FM. Read More...

ADR for NBC and HBO

Two actors were recently in Dynamix Productions performing ADR for 2 major television series. Read More...

Production Complete on "Unsung Hero: The Horse in the Civil War"

Production is complete on a one-hour documentary about the role of the horse in the civil war. Produced by Witnessing History, LLC, this program will air on HRTV, The Horse Network, in February 2012 and be available on DVD. Read More...

January 2012 Newsletter - Recreating the Sounds of the Civil War

Being in the "Horse Capital of the World," we surely have enough experience to know that a horse sounds much like it did 150 years ago.  However, back then a horse's role was very different than today.