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Hidden Messages. December 2013 News


When astronauts first walked on the moon, everyone was glued to the television. I was eight-years-old and can remember it like yesterday.

Beep. Beep.

We copy you down, Eagle.

Beep. Beep.

Engine arm is off. (Pause) Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.

Beep. Beep.

What the beep? All those old NASA transmissions seem to have that beeping in the recording. What the beep is it? It's actually two, and they're called Quindar tones.

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I, Robot. November 2013 News


There was a recent AES (Audio Engineering Society) presentation at McGill University in West Montreal, Quebec titled "We Are the Robots: Developing the Automatic Sound Engineer." Brecht De Man from the Centre for Digital Music, Queen Mary University of London discussed the state of automatic mixing. I don't know whether to be happy some automation is on the way, or be alarmed that I may become obsolete.

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Halloween Horror Stories - October 2013 News

Scary Tree with Ravens

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore.

Beg your pardon, Mr. Poe, but I have volumes of lore I wish were forgotten. We all have horror stories, like certain "client" experiences, but most we bring on ourselves.

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New Business Feature Begins With Herald-Leader and WEKU-FM

Copyright Herald-Leader, 2013

A new business feature recorded at Dynamix starts today with Herald-Leader and WEKU-FM. Tom Martin interviews local business and community leaders. Read - and listen - to the first one. Attorney Richard Hopgood with the office of Wyat, Tarrant, & Combs discusses the boost to commercial real estate market.

Read the article on the Herald-Leader’s web site.

Read about Tom Martin on WEKU-FM’s web site.

(Photo by Charles Bertram, Copyright Lexington Herald-Leader 2013)

The Voice of UK's Commonwealth Stadium

In a previous newsletter and other news items, I’ve mentioned that I have worked as the live audio director for UK football games since 1999. Here’s a great video shot in our PA booth with the voice of UK Football at the stadium, Carl Nathe.

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We Listen. September 2013 News

Audio_wave_form small

In this months news, one of the most important aspects of being an audio engineer is to listen. Not only to sound, but to our clients.
Plus, find out how a microphone can pick up in one direction when it really is an all-direction device. KET will broadcast our self-produced documentary “The Beat of a Different Drummer” this month. And find out who’s been to Dynamix for a great soundtrack.

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KET to Broadcast Documentary This MOnth

The world premiere of the documentary "The Beat of a Different Drummer: The Story of America's Last All-Female Military Band" is this month on KET in Kentucky. "Visions" magazine, KET's monthly magazine, features it in the program notes.

"America's Got Talent" Comes to Town

In July, NBC’s wildly popular television show “America’s Got Talent” advanced Pineville, KY singer Jimmy Rose to the next rounds. For their backstory, they sent producer/videographer Mark Gamsey to Kentucky. AGT needed location sound, so they turned to Dynamix Productions. Pineville is proud of their Jimmy, so they sent him off with a party, right in the center of downtown. There were a few thousand on hand to watch Rose receive numerous honors, including a Kentucky Colonel and ambassadorship of Pineville.

Audio challenges were typical, with run-and-gun style capture and unpredictable events. We concluded the day with interviews with friends and family, and the recording of a base track of music for his next competition. Good luck Jimmy!

America's Got Talent-2small

Who's Listening? August 2013 News

Woman listening

Whenever I start a new project, I always ask "who's the audience?" Each audience can be distinctly different, like high school students, retired people, doctors, primary voters, car buyers, etc. It can also be a less targeted audience, such as adults 18-65, Fayette County taxpayers, or any listener. These are the tough ones to tailor a product to.

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Documentary to be Broadcast on KET

The broadcast premier of the documentary "The Beat of a Different Drummer" will be this September on KET. Air dates for the documentary, produced by Dynamix Productions, are below. The first primetime broadcast in high-definition will be Thursday September 19th at 10PM. Mark your calendars and set your DVRs for upcoming broadcasts.

September 19th at 10 PM EDT on KET1 (HD)
September 17th at 4 AM EDT on KET1 (HD)
September 11th at 10 PM EDT on KET2
September 26th at 1 AM EDT on KET3
September 26th at 10 AM EDT on KET3

It has also been selected for national distribution among 95 public television stations and networks through the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA). It will be available to those affiliates in time for Veteran's Day in November. Check your local listings.

With more detail than the broadcast version, plus DVD extras, the full length version is now on sale in our online store. Find out more here.

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The Power of the Podcast - July 2013 News


Think back to the year 2005. Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast. Gasoline prices skyrocketed from $1.78 a gallon to over $3.00. "Star Wars III - Revenge of the Sith" is released in theaters. Lance Armstrong won his 7th Tour De France. Snoop Dogg coined the word bizznizzle. And podcasts took off when Apple integrated them into iTunes.

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Documentary Selected for Broadcasts


The documentary produced by Dynamix Productions, "The Beat of a Different Drummer: The Story of America's Last All-Female Military Band," has been selected for broadcast on the KET Network this fall. It has also been selected for national distribution among 95 public television stations and networks through the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA). It will be available to those affiliates in time for Veteran's Day in November. Check your local listings.

With more detail than the broadcast version, plus DVD extras, the full length version is now on sale in our online store. Find out more here.

Heads, Tails, Grooves & Needles-June 2013 Newsletter


Most of you reading this know us at Dynamix for creating new sounds with new technology. But did you know we also like to resurrect old sounds? Just twenty years ago, magnetic tapes and records were standard formats we worked with everyday. Now, they're just "antiques" and items taking up space in a closet. But many people are discovering (or re-discovering) analog, and they want it in digital form.

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"Southern Cross" Documentary Now Complete


The Southern Cross: The Story of the Confederacy’s First Battleflag, has been completed. The fifty-six minute production chronicles the history of the design and creation of a flag that became the prototype for all of the St. Andrews Cross battle flags carried by Confederate armed forces. The hand-stitched silk flag with gold painted stars was borne by the Fifth Company of the Washington Artillery of New Orleans through the Battles of Shiloh and Perryville.

The soundtrack was delivered in 5.1 surround, an option many filmmakers desire to make their program stand out. The battle scenes in Southern Cross afforded many opportunities for cannon shells to fly overhead, bullets to wiz by, and soldiers to charge through the battlefield.

Find out more about the documentary from Witnessing History here.

Walla, Ripple, Plop! May 2013 Newsletter

Pasted Graphic 1

I was recently explaining to our intern about how we used to synchronize sound and film together when I realized how many industry terms are borrowed from other tasks or re-hashed from another era. Most make sense, like "copy," "paste," and "edit." But with others you have to make an association. For instance, when you edit film, and I'm talking honest-to-goodness cellulose, you might cut out a bit of a scene to use later. You would hang each piece of film, or "clip," with an actual clip over a rolling cloth bin (like a laundry bin).

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"Impact" Documentary Now Complete

The sound design and mix of “Impact: “After the Crash,” the new documentary from Eppic Films about the 1988 Carrollton bus crash, is now complete. The sound mix was delivered in 5.1 surround. Steve Horner composed the very moving music score. Jack Brammer of the Lexington Herald-Leader wrote a very nice article on Jason Epperson (Director) and Harold Dennis (Producer / crash survivor). There are a few photos and mention of Dynamix in this Herald-Leader article. More to come as the film is released and reviewed.

Read the Herald-Leader article.

Find out more about the documentary

Location Sound - April 2013 Newsletter

Pasted Graphic

We've been doing a lot of location audio in the last couple of months. Most of you already know that using a dedicated location audio engineer for video shoots is the best way to get quality audio. That's because it's not easy. We often say getting good location sound is like herding cats, or is an "impossible dream." We're often faced with impossible odds at getting good sound. So house lights down, single spot on stage center. It's not Shakespeare, it's definitely not Arthur Miller. It's not even as good as listening to Charlie Brown's teacher reading the phone book aloud, but enjoy.

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Surround Sound - March 2013 Newsletter


The quest to create a 3D visual experience has revved up, sputtered, and stalled for almost a century. But the journey for a 3D experience in sound has steadily evolved for more than eight decades. Find out its history and how you can make an informed decision about whether your next project should be in surround.

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Eagle Rare Life Award Announced

Congratulations go out to Tonya M. Evans, the recipient of the 2013 Eagle Rare Life Award. She’s a single mother of 3 children and the CEO and Founder of American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation. The Fallen Warrior Memorial is envisioned to be “the largest of its kind in this country…a true national landmark".

The video was produced by Cornett-IMS. Video Editing by Post Time Productions. Sound Design by Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions.

To learn more about this inspiring story, click here.

Dynamix Shares in ADDY Gold

Dynamix won a Gold ADDY Award for Sound Design on Friday at the AAF Lexington ADDY Show. The sound design, by Dane Dickmann, was for a DoubleStar Firearms television commercial directed by Jason Epperson (Eppic Films).

Dynamix also won a Silver ADDY Award for Sound Design for the “Envisioning Home” documentary trailer (directed by Jason Epperson of Eppic Films), with sound design by Neil Kesterson.

We also shared in 7 other awards, including 1 Gold ADDY, 1 Silver ADDY, and 4 Bronze ADDYs. Congratulations to all the winners!

Watch the DoubleStar commercial by clicking this link.

Watch the Envisioning Home trailer by clicking this link.

Our 10 Year Anniverary!


The First Decade

February is a momentous month for Dynamix Productions - it's our tenth anniversary!

The picture above is what greeted me the first week of being out on my own. The Great Ice Storm of 2003. 65,000 people were without power in Lexington, including yours truly - and our new business site.

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Two Years - January 2013 Newsletter


The ball at Times Square has dropped again, the old man is gone, and the new year's baby is here.  It reminds me that two years ago, in January of 2011, we were putting the final touches on our new baby.  The walls were up, the spackle and paint were being brushed on, the lights were being wired, and the floors were being installed.

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