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Laser Listening - November 2016 News

Laser Listening

"The key to this plan is the giant laser. It was invented by the noted Cambridge physicist Dr. Parsons. Therefore, we shall call it the Alan Parsons Project."
Dr. Evil
Austin Powers

Here's something that will blow your mind and make you paranoid at the same time. Someone can listen to your conversations in your house or office from hundreds of feet away using light. The "light" is a "laser," and it's bounced off a window pane to detect sound vibrations. It's hard not to imagine Dr. Evil, played by Mike Meyers, air quoting "laser" when we mention that word. The theory was first proposed in the 1940s, but had to wait until lasers were actually invented in the 1960s to gain traction. By the 80s, the Cold War had us and the Soviets spying on each other using "lasers."

Plus, find out what's been going on at Dynamix lately. Read the newsletter here.

The Big Bang - October 2016 News


I was afraid that science-fiction buffs and everybody would say things like, 'You know, there's no sound in outer space.'
George Lucas

The universe, according to scientists, started with a big bang. Let me, the sound engineer, just gloat a little bit here -– they don't call it The Big Flash, The Big Light, or The Big Visual Thing That Was Really, Really Quiet. It was a BANG!!! It all started with sound. And the cool thing is, we can even measure its echoes.

Plus, find out what's been going on at Dynamix lately. Read the newsletter here.

Another Podcast from the Studios of Dynamix: The Business of Theatre

Pasted Graphic 4

Tom Martin's Q&A with Jeromy and Lyndy Smith.

"Unsung hereo" to air on KET in April


First broadcast on HRTV in 2012, “Unsung Hero: The Horse in the Civil War” is coming to KET in April. A Telly Award winner and an Emmy-nominated film, Unsung Hero chronicles the story of how horses and mules were obtained and utilized by the armies during the Civil War. BROADCAST DATES:

April 14th at 9:00 p.m. (KET)
April 19th at 8:00 p.m. (KET2)

Find out more about the documentary by Witnessing History LLC here.

Amazon Picks Up "Mad Dogs" Series


Variety reports that Amazon has greenlit 5 new series, including “Mad Dogs.” Dynamix worked with Steve Zahn on the pilot for dialog replacement.
Learn more about the project.
Learn more at Amazon Prime.


Hear Our Work - Superbowl Spot


With all the buzz nationally about which Superbowl spot would be the best, we can't forget about great spots produced for fans in and around Kentucky. Team Cornett recently partnered with Dynamix Productions for the latest Kentucky Football season ticket ad. The music track from A J Hochhalter starts off ambient as we see various scenes around Kentucky shot by Kong Productions. It then slowly rises in energy as we see Kentucky fans, until we hear Coach Stoops ask "Are you with me?"

The music track then takes on a heavy beat as we see various stylized game action shots from the 2014 season. The spots end with an impassioned cry from Coach Stoops, "Are you with me!!!???" Then a resounding "Yes Sir!!!!" from hundreds of voices ends the spot.

In order to create the non-music elements, we had Coach Stoops come into the studios of Dynamix to give us several dozen versions of "Are you with me?" We also went to the UK campus and recorded a few hundred Army ROTC cadets saying "Yes sir!!!" We then layered 4 different takes to create more than 800 voices.

Like last year's spot, it has been a big hit regionally. We look forward to working on next year's!

Watch the video here

Watch "Mad Dogs" on Amazon Prime

Mad Dogs

"Mad Dogs" is now on Amazon Prime! Back in November, actor Steve Zahn was in the studios of Dynamix recording a significant amount of dialog replacement lines (ADR) for the new series.

Many television shows and movies require dialog to be re-recorded because of noisy locations, script changes, or performance tweaks. ADR involves the actor watching the scene to be fixed on a video screen while performing the new lines again. Precise synchronization, count-in cues, and microphone placement are paramount to success. During the "Mad Dogs" session, Dynamix was connected in real time over ISDN with director Adrian Shergold and Sony Pictures. Using timecode, video playback was simultaneously synchronized with Zahn's dialog in both Kentucky and California.

Mad Dogs synopsis:
When a group of underachieving 40-something friends gather in Belize to celebrate the early retirement of an old friend, a series of wild events unfold, exposing dark secrets, deception and even murder. Starring Ben Chaplin (The Thin Red Line), Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos), Billy Zane (Twin Peaks), Steve Zahn (Dallas Buyers Club) and Romany Malco (Weeds). Executive produced by Cris Cole and Shawn Ryan (The Shield).

Learn more at Amazon Prime.

The Alltech Celebration of Song 2015

Dynamix teamed up once again with Alltech and AVT for two live performances of "Alltech Celebration of Song" in The Square, downtown Lexington. The concerts were streamed live on the web and later broadcast Christmas Day on WKYT-TV. The concert featured an orchestra, vocal soloists and ensembles, several choirs, and two music groups (UK's steel drum group Blue Steel, and the brass group Zeb Harrison and Sounds of Praise. Listen to highlights here.

Second #ShareTheLex Video Launched by VisitLex

Second #sharethelex video released. Produced by Cornett, shot/edited by Ian Friley of Kong Productions, and sweetened by Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions.


Dynamix Hired for ESPN Feature

Videographer Kaline Schounce and "e 60" producer John Minton.  Shoot at UK and in Paintsville, KY for ESPN's "e 60" program-med
Kaline Schounce and John Minton

Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions was recently hired by P1 Productions in Carmel, IN for location audio recording. Kaline Schounce of P1 Productions is a frequent videographer for ESPN and other networks. Producer John Minton of ESPN was in Kentucky during the Women’s NCAA Basketball 1st and 2nd round tournaments to produce a story about an inspiring young Kentucky fan, Marlana Van Hoose. The “Loud and Proud” feature is part of ESPN’s e :60 program and was featured during the broadcasts of the tournament.

Watch the story here: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=10703950

Kaline Schounce-ESPN e60 in Denver KY-med

Schounce in Denver, Kentucky

New Business Feature Begins With Herald-Leader and WEKU-FM

Copyright Herald-Leader, 2013

A new business feature recorded at Dynamix starts today with Herald-Leader and WEKU-FM. Tom Martin interviews local business and community leaders. Read - and listen - to the first one. Attorney Richard Hopgood with the office of Wyat, Tarrant, & Combs discusses the boost to commercial real estate market.

Read the article on the Herald-Leader’s web site.

Read about Tom Martin on WEKU-FM’s web site.

(Photo by Charles Bertram, Copyright Lexington Herald-Leader 2013)

KET to Broadcast Documentary This MOnth

The world premiere of the documentary "The Beat of a Different Drummer: The Story of America's Last All-Female Military Band" is this month on KET in Kentucky. "Visions" magazine, KET's monthly magazine, features it in the program notes.

"America's Got Talent" Comes to Town

In July, NBC’s wildly popular television show “America’s Got Talent” advanced Pineville, KY singer Jimmy Rose to the next rounds. For their backstory, they sent producer/videographer Mark Gamsey to Kentucky. AGT needed location sound, so they turned to Dynamix Productions. Pineville is proud of their Jimmy, so they sent him off with a party, right in the center of downtown. There were a few thousand on hand to watch Rose receive numerous honors, including a Kentucky Colonel and ambassadorship of Pineville.

Audio challenges were typical, with run-and-gun style capture and unpredictable events. We concluded the day with interviews with friends and family, and the recording of a base track of music for his next competition. Good luck Jimmy!

America's Got Talent-2small

Documentary to be Broadcast on KET

The broadcast premier of the documentary "The Beat of a Different Drummer" will be this September on KET. Air dates for the documentary, produced by Dynamix Productions, are below. The first primetime broadcast in high-definition will be Thursday September 19th at 10PM. Mark your calendars and set your DVRs for upcoming broadcasts.

September 19th at 10 PM EDT on KET1 (HD)
September 17th at 4 AM EDT on KET1 (HD)
September 11th at 10 PM EDT on KET2
September 26th at 1 AM EDT on KET3
September 26th at 10 AM EDT on KET3

It has also been selected for national distribution among 95 public television stations and networks through the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA). It will be available to those affiliates in time for Veteran's Day in November. Check your local listings.

With more detail than the broadcast version, plus DVD extras, the full length version is now on sale in our online store. Find out more here.

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Documentary Selected for Broadcasts


The documentary produced by Dynamix Productions, "The Beat of a Different Drummer: The Story of America's Last All-Female Military Band," has been selected for broadcast on the KET Network this fall. It has also been selected for national distribution among 95 public television stations and networks through the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA). It will be available to those affiliates in time for Veteran's Day in November. Check your local listings.

With more detail than the broadcast version, plus DVD extras, the full length version is now on sale in our online store. Find out more here.

ADR for Disney

Steve Zahn-Disney_IMG_1462

Steve Zahn was in once again to do ADR at Dynamix. This time it was for Disney Television's "Phineas & Ferb" series. Zahn plays the character Love Handel.

To find out more, click here.

WEKU's "Corner Booth" Series produced by Dynamix

A series featuring Central Kentucky musicians and songwriters, “Corner Booth,” is now up and running on WEKU-FM, 88.9FM. Read More...

ADR for NBC and HBO

Two actors were recently in Dynamix Productions performing ADR for 2 major television series. Read More...

Production Complete on "Unsung Hero: The Horse in the Civil War"

Production is complete on a one-hour documentary about the role of the horse in the civil war. Produced by Witnessing History, LLC, this program will air on HRTV, The Horse Network, in February 2012 and be available on DVD. Read More...

Dynamix On Location with Ford

Ford Motor Company was recently in town to shoot at Commonwealth Stadium. The JWT Agency, along with Oasis Films were on hand to shoot spots featuring UK Football legend Tim Couch.

"Henry Clay and the Struggle for the union" Now on KET

Witnessing History has produced an important documentary on Henry Clay, "Henry Clay and the Struggle for the Union." The film focuses on how Clay stalled the Civil War for over 4 decades as settlers moved westward while expanding slavery . The visual canvas of the documentary is painted with extraordinary works of period art and rarely seen photographs. Read More...

Cooking Channel Hires Dynamix

The Cooking Channel recently hired Dynamix on several occasions to record voice-over for its new series "From the Kitchens of...." Read More...

Republic Bank Spots Air

Republic Bank of Kentucky recently revamped their entire image and chose Meridian-Chiles Advertising to do it. Post Time Productions of Lexington, KY shot the image spots in Lexington on their Panasonic Varicam HD camera. Dynamix Productions produced the soundtrack with John Campbell, also the television producer, narrating. See the spots here:


"Sight and Insight" on KET This Fall

“Sight and Insight: The Travels of Orbis” documents the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital that matches American Ophthalmologists and other eye specialists with patients in third world and developing countries. Cameras follow Dr. Woody Van Meter, an eye surgeon from Lexington, to Iraq, Syria and Cuba as he performs eye-saving surgeries.

Produced by Guy Mendes and Post Time Productions
Sound Design by Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions
Narration by Ashley Judd
Executive Producer, Wood Simpson

KET program times, click here:
Sight and Insight on KET

To find out more about Orbis, click here:

Diet Dr. Pepper

Steve Zahn (“A Perfect Getaway,” “Saving Silverman,” “That Thing You Do !” ) was in the studios of Dynamix recently recording the voice via ISDN of the Easter Bunny. Look for new television ads featuring the Easter Bunny, and a few of his other “friends” espousing the great taste of Diet Dr. Pepper. Deutch L.A. in Los Angeles penned the spots, with Lime Studios in Santa Monica producing them.

Watch the "I Exist Support Group" TV spot here:
Diet Dr. Pepper spot

History of Bourbon Documentary Selected for National Distribution

Lexington, Kentucky based documentary film producer, Witnessing History LLC, announced today that its 2008 production, Bourbon and Kentucky: A History Distilled, which has been broadcast on Kentucky’s statewide PBS affiliate, KET-TV, over the past six months, has been selected by the National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) for nationwide syndication / distribution and will be made available to every PBS television affiliate station in the United States for public broadcast in early 2009. Read More...

"...damn bad oyster" Premiers on KET

“...damn bad oyster. The Times of William Goebel, Governor” will premier on Kentucky Educational Television (KET) on January 25 Read More...

Mike Huckabee Visits Dynamix

Former Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee visits the studios of Dynamix Productions for a live broadcast of NPR's On Point. Read More...

The Grateful Dead Channel...from Dynamix

Radio host and Grateful Dad expert David Gans was recently in the studios of Dynamix Productions

On The Grateful Dead Channel, exclusively on SIRIUS, you'll hear music spanning the band's career with unreleased concert recordings, original shows hosted by band members Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh and Bill Kreutzmann, and even rare archival interviews with Jerry Garcia! The channel will also feature contributions from Grateful Dead expert David Gans and Dead archivist David Lemieux.

"Bourbon in Kentucky: A History Distilled" Premieres

In "Bourbon in Kentucky: A History Distilled," historian Kent Masterson Brown takes us back to the origins of bourbon distilling in Kentucky. Who first distilled what we call "Bourbon?" Why is it made mostly from corn? Why is it aged in charred oak barrels? What is "proof"? Moreover, why is this whiskey called "Bourbon?" All these questions - and more - are answered. that the story of Kentucky Bourbon is, indeed, fundamental to the history of Kentucky.

This documentary is a look at the origins and growth of the bourbon business in Kentucky. Visits to several distilleries explore how and why bourbon was first distilled, how it is manufactured, and why it became so identified with Kentucky. Written and produced by historian Kent Masterson Brown, Bourbon first aired on Kentucky Educational Television (KET) in July 2008. Click here to view the schedule for upcoming episodes.

Bourbon in Kentucky: A History Distilled

David Lord,
Executive Producer for Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau
Kent Masterson Brown, writer/producer/host
David Cottingham, video editing, Post Time Productions
Neil Kesterson, audio post production, Dynamix Productions

Lincoln Bicentennial PSAs

In 2008, Kentucky celebrates the 200th birthday of one of our sons, Abraham Lincoln. Kentucky's Office of Creative Services recently hired Dynamix Productions to produce radio spots encouraging Kentuckians to explore the rich history surrounding Lincoln. Jon Vaden of Creative Services produced the spots, and Laurie Preston narrated them.

Listen to a sample here

Hey, Hey It's the Monkees!

They were known as the "PreFab Four," or Davey, Michael, Mickey, and Peter. But collectively, we knew them as The Monkees Read More...

Minit Mart Cuppajoe

Earnhart + Friends in Bowling Green, Kentucky recently produced a series of radio spots for the Minit Mart convenience store chain featuring a talking cup of coffee. Okay, I know what you're thinking - coffee can't talk. Well, don't mistreat your gormet coffee from Minit Mart by dunking a donut in it, or it just might! Glen Little provided the humorously understated voice of "Cuppajoe," Written by Mike Ferguson and produced by Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions.

Listen to a sample here.

Mike Douglas: Moments and Memories

Before there was Oprah or Dr. Phil or Ellen, or any of these people, there was Mike Douglas. Read More...

UK Coaches Stop at Dynamix for Safety

University of Kentucky coaches Rich Brooks (Football), John Cohen (Baseball), Billy Gillispie (Men's Basketball), and Mathew Mitchell (Women's Basketball) stopped by the studios of Dynamix Productions to voice PSAs about driving safety. The Kentucky Transportation Department is aiming their sites on young drivers, and who better to deliver the message than a Wildcat coach. The PSAs extolled the reasons for buckling up, not driving while intoxicated, and learning the road rules. Read More...

Civil War Documentary Broadcast Premiere on KET

It was over a year-and-a-half in the making, 200 hours of which were audio production, but the first in a series of documentaries about the Civil War in the West is finally done. "Long Road Back to Kentucky: the 1862 Confederate Invasion of Kentucky" debuted on KET March 10, 2007. Read More...

Kentucky's Hot Spots on a Tank of Gas or Less

Kentucky State Parks recently hired Dynamix Productions to produce soundtracks for radio and television for their new campaign to explore Kentucky's top spots for tourism. Read More...

Keeneland Polytrack Documentary Airs

Keeneland Race Track got a major facelift this year - a new high-tech racing surface. Polytrack, made primarily of rubber scraps and other discarded industrial materials, was installed over the summer. Read More...

Alltech Promotes 2010 Games on NBC

Alltech is the first worldwide sponsor of the FEI World Equestrian Games, and they're coming to Kentucky in 2010. These games are the equine equivalent of the Olympics, and Alltech wants you to know they're proud to be a part of them. Read More...

Southeastern Conference Airs Radio PSAs

Do you listen to your favorite SEC team on the radio? If so, you might have heard a PSA produced by Dynamix Productions. Read More...

Tom Hammond Records Coke Spot At Dynamix

NBC sports broadcaster Tom Hammond was in the studios of Dynamix recently to record voice-over via ISDN for a Coke television spot. The spot, produced by Wieden + Kennedy of Portland, OR will play this fall during football season. P O P Sound of Los Angeles, the post-producti Read More...

Gov. Fletcher Records "Buckle Up and Drive Smart" Radio

Kentucky Governor Earnie Fletcher was recently in sthe studios of Dynamix to record voice-overs for Kentucky's new "Buckle Up and Drive Smart" radio campaign. The campaign, produced by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, reminds listeners that the new seat belt law could save 60 lives in its first year. Buckle up and drive smart, Kentucky!

Dynamix Produces Radio for Toyota

It's hard to believe, but Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK) has been in Kentucky for twenty years. In 1986, Toyota broke ground for its first North American auto plant, right here in Kentucky. Toyota wanted to celebrate this momentous anniversary with radio and television spots thanking Kentuckians for welcoming them to our state . The soundtrack was the big hit. A Japanese koto delicately played "My Old Kentucky Home" under the narration, and gradually crossfaded into the University of Kentucky marching band playing "My Old Kentucky Home."

Dan Renaud and Kasey Prunty of Meridian Communications wrote and produced the spots. Neil Kesterson of Dynamix engineered and produced the soundtrack. Steve Broderson of Studio 246 performed the koto track, Tom Martin and Julie Reed narrated the spots, and Chris McElhone of Video Editing Services edited the television spot.

Listen to a radio spot by clicking this link.

Visit Steve Broderson's Studio 246 site by clicking this link.

Visit Meridian Communications by clicking this link.

Visit Video Editing Services by clicking this link.

Author Neil Chethik Stops in for NPR Programs

Lexington author Neil Chethik of "VoiceMale: What Husbands Really Think About Their Marriages, Their Wives, Sex, Housework, and Commitment," was in our studios recently on two occasions. Neal Conan, host of NPR's live call in show Talk of the Nation, was interviewing Chethik about his new book while listeners from around the country phoned in. This was accomplished with our real-time digital studio-to-studio ISDN connection.

Chethik was also interviewed live for San Francisco's NPR affiliate, KALW, by Mary Ambrose on the show
Your Call. Chethik's book is the culmination of extensive research that tries to answer the question "What do men really want?" Neil Chethik has also appeared on ABC's Good Morning America.

Listen to NPR's archive of Neil Chethik's interview here.

Find out more about Neil Chethik's book here.

Kentucky State Police Cite Fatal Motorcycle Statistics

Motorcycle registrations over the last five years has increased over 65%, while the number of motorcycle fatalities has increased 75%. This sobering statistic was brought to life in a radio spot produced by Jon Vaden, the director of Creative Services in Kentucky's Commerce Cabinet. Michael Kilbourne voiced the radio spot.

Listen to "Statistics" here.

Kentucky Department of Homeland Security Airs PSAs

The Kentucky Department of Homeland Security asks "are you prepared if a disaster strikes?" These public service announcements, produced by Dave Wilkinson of Wilkinson Creative and Susie Merida of Brand Advertising, raise some serious questions. But, the KDHS has answers and tips to help you prepare via their web site. Michael Kilbourne and Kathie Stamps provided the voice-over.

Listen to "Preparedness" here.

LBAR Makes Selling Your Home a "Snap"

Right Place Media recently hired Dynamix Productions to produce radio spots for the Lexington Bluegrass Realtors Association. If you need to buy or sell your home, LBAR's multiple listing service can make things a "snap." Television spots were also produced by Post Time Productions. Jim Jones of Dayton, Ohio provided the voice-over.

Find out why it's a "snap" here.

East Kentucky Power Promotes All A Scholarships

East Kentucky Power recently hired Dynamix Productions to record college students who have benefited from scholarships from the statewide power company. Clint Evans, Eli Griffith, Eric Hale, and Ginger Pennington dropped into the studios amidst their busy schedules to give their thoughts about the awards. Jerry McDonald of EKP and Troy House of Blackfish Films produced the spots, and Leland Conway provided the voice-over.

Listen to Eric Hale's spot here.

"He Who Is Blessed" Reaches National Audience

The documentary "He Who Is Blessed," produced by Chris Barrett of Tutto Buono Productions has been selected by the National Educational Telecommunications Association for national distribution via PBS. It will be made available via satellite over the course of the year to local affiliates to air in their own schedule. "He Who is Blessed" is about a successful New York publisher that became a monk in midlife. He was called on to re-enter the secular world he once knew in order to save the monastery from financial disaster. Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions was the post-production audio engineer. Chris makes a request to PBS stations and those interested in having this documentary aired:

If you are a member of your local PBS station, or have friendly or businessconnections with decision-makers there, feel free to recommend "He Who IsBlessed." Here is the relevant information which, as you can see, pasteseasily into a persuasive email: "HE WHO IS BLESSED is available via NETAuplink Sunday, January 1, 2006 at 7:30PM -8:30 PM ET on transponder 513.Please take advantage of this opportunity. Visit hewhoisblessed.com or ring434 842 3723 for more info."

Harrison Memorial Hospital Celebrates 100 Years

Harrison Memorial Hospital in Cynthiana, Kentucky is celebrating an amazing accomplishment - 100 years of service. The hospital's new radio campaign, produced by Mary Ware, emphasizes the $15 million facility expansion. John Campbell provided the voice over.

Listen to the "Cardiology" radio spot here.

Lifetime Television Hires Dynamix for Cheerleader Nation

Lifetime Television will be airing a new reality series next year called "Cheerleader Nation." The program follows the twice national champion cheerleading squad from Lexington, KY's Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School. Lifetime was recently in Lexington to film promos for the new series, and hired Dynamix for location sound. Cheerleaders and some of their parents were interviewed about the highs and lows of being involved in this highly competitive activity. Look for promos to begin airing early next year.

UK Focuses New Radio Ads on Diversity Effort

The University of Kentucky has started an new advertising campaign that focuses on its commitment to students from a diverse background. It highlights three areas of the university that are sometimes the deciding factor when choosing a college. "Sense of Community," "Student Organizations," and "Financial Aid and Scholarships" uses real students and parents to tell their experiences with UK. The spots are currently playing in Kentucky's two largest cities, Lexington and Louisville. Cornett-IMS of Lexington, KY wrote the spots, and Dynamix Productions produced them.

Listen here:

Sense of Community

Student Organizations

Financial Aid and Scholarships

UK Coach DeMoss is True Blue for 5th/3rdBank

University of Kentucky basketball coach Micki DeMoss was in Dynamix's studios recently to pitch "Big Blue Checking" for 5th/3rd Bank. The radio spots feature Coach DeMoss talking about the Kentucky tradition.

Listen here.

Brethren Village Retirement Community

Taylor Brand Group of Lancaster, PA, along with writer Bill McDonald produced a series of radio spots for this retirement community using stories from real-life residents. One resident who lost a leg to illness discovered the community's woodworking shop. This led to a rekindled relationship with building things, specifically grandfather clocks. Another resident that used to play tackle football on concrete, but was afraid of water. When his doctor recommended water therapy for a bad back, he discovered the community's pool.

Listen here:

Governor Fletcher Records Hurricane Katrina Aid Spot

Commonwealth of Kentucky Governor Earnie Fletcher's office hired Dynamix Productions and Post Time Productions to produce television and radio spots for Hurricane Katrina relief. The spots were videotaped in the capitol building using a high-definition camera in 24p frame rate. The Governor was miked using Tram lavalier and Sennheiser shotgun microphones. While there, he recorded a 60-second radio spot that Dynamix produced with music. The PSAs educated Kentuckians on how to avoid scams involving monetary donations, and how to report possible fraud. Dynamix is honored to take part in this important message.

Listen to Gov. Fletcher's spot here.

Lt. Governor Steven Pence was in Dynamix Studios to warn those scam artists that Kentucky is watching them. Lt. Gov. Pence is also the
Secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet.

Listen to Lt. Gov. Pence here

5th/3rd Introduces "Big Blue Checking" to Football Fans

Cornett-IMS of Lexington, KY recently wrote and produced 5th/3rd Bank spots at Dynamix Productions. The spots feature the bank's special checking account offer for University of Kentucky fans. This round of spots are aimed at the football fans. In one spot, a father and son are at the dinner table when the son innocently asks for the salt. Dad, who's a huge football fan, prompts his son to "go out for a pass," while knocking everything off the dinner table.

Listen here.

Knology Spots Air in the South

Knology, a communications provider specializing in cable television, internet, and phone services recently hired Dynamix Productions and Post Time Productions to produce television commercials. The televisions spots included stand-ups in our studio that features a two-wall cych.

Joephine Russell Clay Documentary on KET

Dynamix Productions produced the soundtrack for a new documentary called "Josephine Russell Clay: Bluegrass Queen of the Sport of Kings." Clay was married to statesman Henry Clay's grandson, and then son. Clay was the world's first female thoroughbred horse owner and trainer, as well as the first woman to breed a Kentucky Derby winner. Many great horses, such as War Admiral, Whirlaway and Sea Biscuit, can trace their lineage back to her stud farm.
The documentary premiered at the Kentucky Horse Park's Henry Clay exhibit in March 2005. The broadcast premiere was August 8th on KET. Misdee Wrigley, owner of Hillcroft Farm in Paris, KY narrated the presentation.

Applebee's Radio "Kicks" Into High Gear

Cornett-IMS hired Dynamix Productions to produce several radio spots for Central Kentucky Applebee's restaurants. One spot featured a Kung Fu master teaching Applebee's servers how to cut a price in half. Our own Tabatha Conway lent her voice for a karate chop. LISTEN HERE.

Another spot highlighted a competition between neighbors to win money for charities. The spot required creative sound effects to place the actors in their front yards.
LISTEN HERE. Two more spots featured and identity crisis and decisions. Listen to "Identity Crisis" here, and "Decisions" here.

Listen For the Bugs!

Listen for the bugs! All Rite Pest Control radio ads feature creepy crawly things in a variety of spots, including two mock movie trailers ("they're coming for you...they're coming for your blood!"). Ad Success Advertising produced the spots.

Listen to "Bugs Movie" here.

Listen to "Mosquitos" here.

Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Models on TV...and your Phone!

Want to get a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model on your phone? Well, a picture, that is. Earworks Studios in Virginia Beach, VA recently hired voice-over artist Kathie Stamps for TV commercials featuring Sports Illustrated swimsuit models that you can download to your phone's background display. Dynamix provided the studio and ISDN services. Look for these on The Comedy Channel and Spike TV.

"He Who Is Blessed" Documentary to air on KET

Dynamix just completed post-production sound for the soon to be aired documentary "He Who is Blessed." about a successful New York publisher that became a monk in midlife. He was called on to re-enter the secular world he once knew in order to save the monastery from financial disaster. Chris Barrett of Tutto Buono Productions wrote, directed, and produced the documentary that features interviews with former MLB Commisioner Faye Vincent and New Yorker poetry critic Alice Quinn. Watch KET's listings for more information.

McDonough District Hospital Features SFX in Radio Ads

New radio spots for McDonough District Hospital in west central Illinois feature "sounds" of somnography, imaging systems and lab tests to illustrate the technical achievements of the hospital. These spots were produced by Bill McDonald and Ten Adams Marketing and Advertising of Evansville, IN.

Indiana Heart Hospital Creates New Radio Campaign

Dynamix Productions, along with Bill McDonald and Ten Adams Marketing and Advertising of Evansville, IN, recently produced new radio spots for Indiana Heart Hospital in Indianapolis.

Vote For Dynamix!

During the fall political season, Dynamix produced broadcast advertising for the following candidates and issues: Harold Fletcher, John Hampton, Ed Lane, Damon Thayer, and LexTran

"All For You" All Over TV

All For You," a fashion and style show is now airing on WLEX-TV 18 Sundays at noon. Hosts Mickey Binion and Kristen Brockman take viewers to area charity balls, entertainment venues, and social events. Guests have included Wynonna Judd, Larry Flint, Tanya Tucker, J. D. Crowe, Snoop Dogg, Boyz II Men, Chris Redman of the Baltimore Ravens, Scott Padgett of the Utah Jazz, and Farah Fath and Eric Winter of Days of Our Lives. Soundtrack by Dynamix, video production by Post Time Productions.

The Biking Solution Goes National

The Biking Solution just finished national radio spots with Dynamix. Stephens Direct of Dayton, Ohio produced radio spots featuring local voice-over artists Leland Conway, Tabatha Conway, Laurie Genet, Bob Johnson, and Keith Krey.

Tom Dixon Featured In Bell South Ads

Listen for Tim Dixon, exterminator, entomologist, and satisfied Real Yellow Pages by Bell South customer. Dynamix provided ISDN link-up to Doppler Studios in Atlanta for the radio spots that hit the air on August 16th, 2004.

Carpet One Sales Convention

Carpet One's semi-annual sales convention kicks off in August with several videos that have soundtracks produced by Dynamix. Stephens Advertising of Dayton, Ohio produced them. Video Adventures of Dayton and Post Time Productions provided post-production editing.

Trainer John Ward Featured in BB&T Ads

Dynamix recorded location audio with Kentucky Derby winning trainer John Ward for Branch Banking & Trust (BB&T) radio commercial. Listen in the following months.

"America" Wins Two National Awards

"America: One Nation Under God," a stirring radio program produced by Leland Conway, Benson Gregory, and Dynamix Productions, aired July 4th on 7 radio stations in Kentucky and West Virginia. This program won 2 Silver Microphone Awards, and one ADDY award.

"While You Were Out" Stops In Dynamix

BBC NY Productions recently hired Dynamix to record the voice-over for an episode of "While You Were Out." WYWO, which plays on The Learning Channel (TLC), was in Lexington recently videotaping a future episode. Show host Evan Farmer was remotely directed via phone patch from New York. Watch for the episode featuring a Hilton Head, SC Star Trek fan who has his bar transformed into a haven any Trekkie would enjoy.

Dynamix on Air America

Radio spots produced at Dynamix by Tempur-Pedic are among the first spots to play on Air America, the new liberal radio network. The "Expert" spots started play during the first week and will continue indefinitely.