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Anaog Rules! - February 2016 News

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"As so much music is listened to via MP3 download, many will never experience the joy of analog playback, and for them, I feel sorry. They are missing out."

Henry Rollins

There's a growing trend in the music business - recording to reel-to-reel tape. Wait, I thought we got rid of that when we went digital. The truth is, it never went away. Much like the recent boom in sales of records and film, reel-to-reels are gaining new fans and bringing back old ones.

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"Henry Clay and the Struggle for the union" Now on KET

Witnessing History has produced an important documentary on Henry Clay, "Henry Clay and the Struggle for the Union." The film focuses on how Clay stalled the Civil War for over 4 decades as settlers moved westward while expanding slavery . The visual canvas of the documentary is painted with extraordinary works of period art and rarely seen photographs. Read More...

"Sight and Insight" on KET This Fall

“Sight and Insight: The Travels of Orbis” documents the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital that matches American Ophthalmologists and other eye specialists with patients in third world and developing countries. Cameras follow Dr. Woody Van Meter, an eye surgeon from Lexington, to Iraq, Syria and Cuba as he performs eye-saving surgeries.

Produced by Guy Mendes and Post Time Productions
Sound Design by Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions
Narration by Ashley Judd
Executive Producer, Wood Simpson

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Sight and Insight on KET

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