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Ring in the Old Year - January 2015 News


"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."

Alexander Graham Bell

Ring in the Old Year

A new year always brings excitement and great expectations. What will happen? Will there be a big event that will shape the world for generations? What new technology will come? The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) has already promised us a 3D-printed titanium bicycle, super thin 4K TV sets, realistic robots, and a plethora of miniature drones with cameras. And everybody's wanting to lay eyes on the first Apple Watch. One hundred years ago, people were just as intrigued with the promise of new technology.

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Star Wars With One Major Piece Missing

This is a great example of how important sound is in film.

Production Begins on "Southern Cross"

Production has begun on the documentary "Southern Cross," about the first Confederate battle flag. Read More...

Audiobook ready for distribution

“The Emperor of Time,” a children’s book by Greg King was recorded and produced early last year as a companion audiobook. Read by the author, it was enhanced with music and sound effects. Read More...

Interactive CD-ROM Project

Dynamix Productions recently finished an interactive CD-ROM project for a scientific study. We recorded all the voice prompts that take the participant through the survey via touch-screen. All pieces of audio were separated into individual files (over 425 of them!) for coding into the software. This is just another service we perform that you may not be aware of. Understanding the logistics of media coding, compression and delivery is important for successful interactive media projects.