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"He Who Is Blessed" Reaches National Audience

The documentary "He Who Is Blessed," produced by Chris Barrett of Tutto Buono Productions has been selected by the National Educational Telecommunications Association for national distribution via PBS. It will be made available via satellite over the course of the year to local affiliates to air in their own schedule. "He Who is Blessed" is about a successful New York publisher that became a monk in midlife. He was called on to re-enter the secular world he once knew in order to save the monastery from financial disaster. Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions was the post-production audio engineer. Chris makes a request to PBS stations and those interested in having this documentary aired:

If you are a member of your local PBS station, or have friendly or businessconnections with decision-makers there, feel free to recommend "He Who IsBlessed." Here is the relevant information which, as you can see, pasteseasily into a persuasive email: "HE WHO IS BLESSED is available via NETAuplink Sunday, January 1, 2006 at 7:30PM -8:30 PM ET on transponder 513.Please take advantage of this opportunity. Visit hewhoisblessed.com or ring434 842 3723 for more info."

Harrison Memorial Hospital Celebrates 100 Years

Harrison Memorial Hospital in Cynthiana, Kentucky is celebrating an amazing accomplishment - 100 years of service. The hospital's new radio campaign, produced by Mary Ware, emphasizes the $15 million facility expansion. John Campbell provided the voice over.

Listen to the "Cardiology" radio spot here.

Lifetime Television Hires Dynamix for Cheerleader Nation

Lifetime Television will be airing a new reality series next year called "Cheerleader Nation." The program follows the twice national champion cheerleading squad from Lexington, KY's Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School. Lifetime was recently in Lexington to film promos for the new series, and hired Dynamix for location sound. Cheerleaders and some of their parents were interviewed about the highs and lows of being involved in this highly competitive activity. Look for promos to begin airing early next year.

Joyce to the World

Or, Jesse Joyce to the world. Comedian Jesse Joyce recently hired Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions to produce his first comedy album "Joyce to the World." You might have seen Jesse on Entertainment Tonight or Lifetime, or heard him "The Bob and Tom Show" or SIRIUS Satellite Radio. The album was recorded over two nights at Lexington's Comedy Off Broadway, considered as one of the top ten comedy clubs in the U.S.

Topics covered in this lively stand-up routine include:
Pushers in Central Park
Dead-end jobs Jesse has had
Uncle Walt and his he-man thoughts
Communication problems while buying paint at Home Depot
German kids at Halloween
Fat Americans
Fish memory
Jesse's stay in Ireland
Nail Gun to the head

To find out about Jesse Joyce or to buy this hilarious and often eye-opening album, click here.

Business Lexington and Dynamix "Podcasting" to Entrepreneurs

Since August 2005, Business Lexington, the new business journal of Central Kentucky, and Dynamix Productions have been providing podcasts of inteviews with today's business leaders.

Some of the distinguished leaders that have been interviewed in the studios of Dynamix include:

•Susan Berry-Buckley of the Central Kentucky Blood Center
•Congressman Ben Chandler
•Dr. Joe Chappell of Allylix
•Terry Garcia Crews of LexTran
•James W. Host, outgoing Kentucky Commerce Secretary
•George Ward, incoming Kentucky Commerce Secretary

A "podcast" is really a file of an audio recording that is downloaded via the internet. But a true podcast is defined by how the recipient gets it. Programs such as
iPodderX and iTunes provide an easy subscription method to automatically download your favorite podcasts when new ones become available.

Podcasting is just in its infancy, but it is already taking the world by storm. Not hampered by time constraints or FCC restrictions, podcasters are adding hundreds if not thousands of new material every month. Who is listening? Just about anybody that is web-savvy. With the plethora of podcasts available, there is at least one podcast that will interest anybody. Want to find out about the Newport Jazz Festival, did you miss last week's Al Franken Show on the radio, or do you want to listen to an in-depth interview with a Kentucky business leader? They're all out there.

How can businesses use podcasts to reach customers, prospects, employees, and the media? Well there isn't a much better way to reach a specific narrow audience with your message than with a podcast. Instead of listening to a radio station that tries to blanket an entire listening area with many subjects, a podcast only addresses one subject - you. Also, your listeners
come to you. Of course you have to submit your podcast to different directories, and direct your web site visitors to the download page, but these exercises are getting easier since iTunes came into the picture with their already heavy web presence.

Why use a professional studio to record your podcast? If image, first impression, professionalism, and expertise are important to you, then you need Dynamix to produce your podcasts. There's nothing that says "amateur" more than a poorly-recorded and produced program. When a podcast is poorly produced, the listener strays from your message and starts to hear all the faults - low levels, hum, hiss, mistakes, garbled words, clicks, pops, bad edits - the list goes on.

Call us at Dynamix to help you get started podcasting. After looking at your needs, audience and message, we can help demystify this thing called "podcasting."

UK Focuses New Radio Ads on Diversity Effort

The University of Kentucky has started an new advertising campaign that focuses on its commitment to students from a diverse background. It highlights three areas of the university that are sometimes the deciding factor when choosing a college. "Sense of Community," "Student Organizations," and "Financial Aid and Scholarships" uses real students and parents to tell their experiences with UK. The spots are currently playing in Kentucky's two largest cities, Lexington and Louisville. Cornett-IMS of Lexington, KY wrote the spots, and Dynamix Productions produced them.

Listen here:

Sense of Community

Student Organizations

Financial Aid and Scholarships

LumaCore Luminary Series a Big Hit

Dynamix Productions recorded several radio commercials promoting the "Luminary Series" leadership conference. LumaCore, a Lexington-based company, hosted the live event that was also broadcast via satellite to nearly one-hundred conference sites and hundreds of corporate board rooms around the world. The event featured such luminaries as: Richard Branson, Marcus Buckingham, Steven Covey, Carli Fiorina, Malcomb Gladwell, Rudi Gulliani, Jack Welch, and a special Fortune 500 discussion panel. Dynamix also provided some pre-produced audio for the live event.

Listen to radio here.

Famous Brands Use ISDN at Dynamix

ISDN, a digital studio-to-studio link that provides crystal clear audio, is a very convenient way to record voice-overs when the artist is not within driving distance. Dynamix Productions works closely with other studios to provide ISDN services for their productions. Through Dynamix, Kathie Stamps of Stamps Communications has been regularly working for such clients as Sports Illustrated, Grand Victoria Casinos, and Thermador. John Campbell recently completed voice-over work for Delta/Peerless Faucets.

Audio Forensics at Dynamix

Many attorneys, public defenders, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials are discovering the forensic audio tools at Dynamix. Background noise, poor microphone placement, low volume, and general inaudibility are all reasons they turn to us to help make these important recordings more audible.

Dynamix Provides Live Audio for UK Football Games

Did you know that Dynamix provides live audio production support for University of Kentucky football home games? Commonwealth Stadium, a 70,000-seat venue, features two Mitsubishi Diamondvision video screens, a computer-controlled 60,000-plus watt speaker cluster, digital mixing console, wireless digital referee mic with computer-controlled feedback controller, and a disk-based music playback system. This is all augmented with a fully-outfitted production truck controlling 7 cameras and instant replay.

Ashado Sets Keeneland Sales Record

The fillie Ashado set a Keeneland sales record of $9 Million this week. As it happens, Dynamix Productions helped produce the soundtrack for a DVD about the Taylor Made-consigned Ashado that was distributed to potential buyers. Lance Bell, of LGB, Inc. in Saratoga Springs, NY produced the DVD and accompanying literature. Michael Kilbourne of Lexington provided the voice-over. Phil Putnam of Dallas, TX edited and authored the video DVD.

UK Coach DeMoss is True Blue for 5th/3rdBank

University of Kentucky basketball coach Micki DeMoss was in Dynamix's studios recently to pitch "Big Blue Checking" for 5th/3rd Bank. The radio spots feature Coach DeMoss talking about the Kentucky tradition.

Listen here.

Big Blue Madness takes over Dynamix

University of Kentucky's famous "Midnight Madness" has changed its name to "Big Blue Madness." Not only that, but it's also changed the time and location. The first official practice session for basketball used to start at midnight in Memorial Coliseum. But this year, with the 30th anniversary of Rupp Arena, the extra seating (15,000 seats extra), and the new hype surrounding women's basketball, UK couldn't contain it any longer.

Post Time Productions produced several video vignettes for the live show, while Dynamix provided audio post-production. The segments featured "flash-backs" to the 70's, 80's and 90's using current players dressed and performing like people from those eras.

Brethren Village Retirement Community

Taylor Brand Group of Lancaster, PA, along with writer Bill McDonald produced a series of radio spots for this retirement community using stories from real-life residents. One resident who lost a leg to illness discovered the community's woodworking shop. This led to a rekindled relationship with building things, specifically grandfather clocks. Another resident that used to play tackle football on concrete, but was afraid of water. When his doctor recommended water therapy for a bad back, he discovered the community's pool.

Listen here:

Governor Fletcher Records Hurricane Katrina Aid Spot

Commonwealth of Kentucky Governor Earnie Fletcher's office hired Dynamix Productions and Post Time Productions to produce television and radio spots for Hurricane Katrina relief. The spots were videotaped in the capitol building using a high-definition camera in 24p frame rate. The Governor was miked using Tram lavalier and Sennheiser shotgun microphones. While there, he recorded a 60-second radio spot that Dynamix produced with music. The PSAs educated Kentuckians on how to avoid scams involving monetary donations, and how to report possible fraud. Dynamix is honored to take part in this important message.

Listen to Gov. Fletcher's spot here.

Lt. Governor Steven Pence was in Dynamix Studios to warn those scam artists that Kentucky is watching them. Lt. Gov. Pence is also the
Secretary of the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet.

Listen to Lt. Gov. Pence here

5th/3rd Introduces "Big Blue Checking" to Football Fans

Cornett-IMS of Lexington, KY recently wrote and produced 5th/3rd Bank spots at Dynamix Productions. The spots feature the bank's special checking account offer for University of Kentucky fans. This round of spots are aimed at the football fans. In one spot, a father and son are at the dinner table when the son innocently asks for the salt. Dad, who's a huge football fan, prompts his son to "go out for a pass," while knocking everything off the dinner table.

Listen here.

Knology Spots Air in the South

Knology, a communications provider specializing in cable television, internet, and phone services recently hired Dynamix Productions and Post Time Productions to produce television commercials. The televisions spots included stand-ups in our studio that features a two-wall cych.

Podcasting and the Central Kentucky business community come together

Business Lexington, Central Kentucky's new business newspaper, and Dynamix Productions have formed a partnership to bring podcasting to readers. Podcasting is a generic term for a new web technology that "pushes" audio programs to your computer for later playback. An added benefit for businesses is the niche audience that podcasts can be directed to. Specialty audio programs can be recorded, submitted to a directory with information, and searched for content by web surfers. People interested in "Kentucky Business" for example, will find Business Lexington's podcast in the search results. The audio programs are pre-recorded, then specially encoded so that anyone with podcast-playing software that subscribed to the podcast will recieve it automatically. There is no need to manually locate the audio file and download it. Some popular podcast players include iTunes and iPodder. As an added benefit, suscribers can transfer the audio program to their portable mp3 player, burn a CD, or share it with other computer users.
Tom Martin, editor-in-chief, and Chuck Creasy, publisher, wanted to bring more in depth coverage of feature articles to readers. Feature articles often include interviews with some of the area's most facinating people who are blazing new and exciting paths in business. Podcasts, or "BizCasts" as Business Lexington calls them, include the full interviews that go beyond what can be included in the written article. Listeners can hear firsthand the nuances of conversation between Tom Martin and his subject.

To find out more about how Dynamix can help you get into pocasting, click here.

Joephine Russell Clay Documentary on KET

Dynamix Productions produced the soundtrack for a new documentary called "Josephine Russell Clay: Bluegrass Queen of the Sport of Kings." Clay was married to statesman Henry Clay's grandson, and then son. Clay was the world's first female thoroughbred horse owner and trainer, as well as the first woman to breed a Kentucky Derby winner. Many great horses, such as War Admiral, Whirlaway and Sea Biscuit, can trace their lineage back to her stud farm.
The documentary premiered at the Kentucky Horse Park's Henry Clay exhibit in March 2005. The broadcast premiere was August 8th on KET. Misdee Wrigley, owner of Hillcroft Farm in Paris, KY narrated the presentation.

"12 Steps Nowhere" Debuts

12 Steps Nowhere, a short film by Russell Johnson and David Cottingham of 21 Productions made its debut in the Kentucky Theatre this week. The film is being entered into several film festivals this year. Dynamix Productions provided audio post-production on the film, including extensive ADR (automatic dialog replacement), Foley, and environment creation. Find out more about the film here.

Listen to the radio promo here.

Business Lexington Profiles Dynamix Productions

Business Lexington, the new premiere business journal in Central Kentucky has featured Neil Kesterson and Dynamix in its May 2005 issue. The profile highlights our ADR work on recent major Hollywood movie releases.

"To The Edge" Documentary Completed

How would you like to rappel off Yosemite's El Capitan, the largest rock face in the U.S.? Last June, Stacy Doose, senior editor at Post Time Productions, along with over 30 other adventureres did just that - and some even climbed it. Stacy and Greg Metulianis documented the expedition on videotape and recently completed a 50-minute documentary about something that only a handful of people ever get to do. Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions provided post production sound, and John Campbell was narrator and contributing writer. "To the Edge" features hair-raising footage from the side of the cliff, fascinating personal stories, interesting facts on how the feat was accomplished, and captures El Capitan's first ever tandem rappel. "To the Edge" will be available on DVD next month, and is currently being considered for broadcast in the Cincinnati market. Stay tuned for more details.

Ad-Success Wins National Awards

Ad-Success, a Lexington advertising, marketing, and public relations agency, recently was awarded a first place PSRA Thoroughbred award for their Lextran marketing campaign. The award was presented by the Public Relations Society of America. Dynamix produced the soundtrack for the radio and television portions of the campaign. Congratulations to Ad-Success!

Star Wars Parody Film Debuts on Internet

Twenty One Productions, a local independent film production company and a Dynamix strategic partner, has completed a Star Wars parody fan film. Produced in HD (high definition), the fan film is a combination of two pop culture films: Star Wars (obviously) and Pulp Fiction. The DVD was distributed for free at the Star Wars Convention in Indianapolis in late April upon completion, and is available for download here. Neil Kesterson of Dynamix was the post production audio engineer, providing ADR, Foley SFX, and re-recording. Since its posting, downloads of the short film have been tremendously popular, regularly exceeding the already enormous bandwidth of 21's server and mirror sites.

Applebee's Radio "Kicks" Into High Gear

Cornett-IMS hired Dynamix Productions to produce several radio spots for Central Kentucky Applebee's restaurants. One spot featured a Kung Fu master teaching Applebee's servers how to cut a price in half. Our own Tabatha Conway lent her voice for a karate chop. LISTEN HERE.

Another spot highlighted a competition between neighbors to win money for charities. The spot required creative sound effects to place the actors in their front yards.
LISTEN HERE. Two more spots featured and identity crisis and decisions. Listen to "Identity Crisis" here, and "Decisions" here.

Dynamix Becomes Member of Better Business Bureau

We're extremely proud that the Better Business Bureau of Central and Eastern Kentucky has invited Dynamix Productions to become a member. We have always stood behind our service and product, and it's rewarding to be part of an organization that promotes ethics in business.

Listen For the Bugs!

Listen for the bugs! All Rite Pest Control radio ads feature creepy crawly things in a variety of spots, including two mock movie trailers ("they're coming for you...they're coming for your blood!"). Ad Success Advertising produced the spots.

Listen to "Bugs Movie" here.

Listen to "Mosquitos" here.

Dynamix Shares in 8 Addy Awards

The Lexington Advertising Club, our local chapter for the AAF (American Advertising Federation) recently held its annual Addy Awards. Dynamix Productions helped our clients in 8 award-winning entries

Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Models on TV...and your Phone!

Want to get a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model on your phone? Well, a picture, that is. Earworks Studios in Virginia Beach, VA recently hired voice-over artist Kathie Stamps for TV commercials featuring Sports Illustrated swimsuit models that you can download to your phone's background display. Dynamix provided the studio and ISDN services. Look for these on The Comedy Channel and Spike TV.

"He Who Is Blessed" Documentary to air on KET

Dynamix just completed post-production sound for the soon to be aired documentary "He Who is Blessed." about a successful New York publisher that became a monk in midlife. He was called on to re-enter the secular world he once knew in order to save the monastery from financial disaster. Chris Barrett of Tutto Buono Productions wrote, directed, and produced the documentary that features interviews with former MLB Commisioner Faye Vincent and New Yorker poetry critic Alice Quinn. Watch KET's listings for more information.

McDonough District Hospital Features SFX in Radio Ads

New radio spots for McDonough District Hospital in west central Illinois feature "sounds" of somnography, imaging systems and lab tests to illustrate the technical achievements of the hospital. These spots were produced by Bill McDonald and Ten Adams Marketing and Advertising of Evansville, IN.

Indiana Heart Hospital Creates New Radio Campaign

Dynamix Productions, along with Bill McDonald and Ten Adams Marketing and Advertising of Evansville, IN, recently produced new radio spots for Indiana Heart Hospital in Indianapolis.