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Kentucky's Hot Spots on a Tank of Gas or Less

Kentucky State Parks recently hired Dynamix Productions to produce soundtracks for radio and television for their new campaign to explore Kentucky's top spots for tourism. Read More...

Hunter S. Thompson Documentary Debuts

"Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride: Hunter S. Thompson on Film" made its debut at the 10th Annual Holywood Film Festival® & Hollywood Awards®. Read More...

Keeneland Polytrack Documentary Airs

Keeneland Race Track got a major facelift this year - a new high-tech racing surface. Polytrack, made primarily of rubber scraps and other discarded industrial materials, was installed over the summer. Read More...

Alltech Promotes 2010 Games on NBC

Alltech is the first worldwide sponsor of the FEI World Equestrian Games, and they're coming to Kentucky in 2010. These games are the equine equivalent of the Olympics, and Alltech wants you to know they're proud to be a part of them. Read More...

Henry Clay Center for Diplomacy Starts Capital Campaign

The Henry Clay Center for Diplomacy began its capital campaign with a video detailing Kentucky Statesman Clay's diplomatic achievements. Neil Kesterson of Dynamix produced the soundtrack, Stacy Doose of Post Time Video post-produced the video, and Misdee Wrigley narrated. Read More...

Southeastern Conference Airs Radio PSAs

Do you listen to your favorite SEC team on the radio? If so, you might have heard a PSA produced by Dynamix Productions. Read More...

Tom Hammond Records Coke Spot At Dynamix

NBC sports broadcaster Tom Hammond was in the studios of Dynamix recently to record voice-over via ISDN for a Coke television spot. The spot, produced by Wieden + Kennedy of Portland, OR will play this fall during football season. P O P Sound of Los Angeles, the post-producti Read More...

Gov. Fletcher Records "Buckle Up and Drive Smart" Radio

Kentucky Governor Earnie Fletcher was recently in sthe studios of Dynamix to record voice-overs for Kentucky's new "Buckle Up and Drive Smart" radio campaign. The campaign, produced by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, reminds listeners that the new seat belt law could save 60 lives in its first year. Buckle up and drive smart, Kentucky!

"Rise of the Troopers" Begins Production

The Star Wars fanfilm/parody Star Wars Episode III.VIII: Rise of the Troopers has officially began shooting. Read More...

Toyota Rewards Employees with MP3 Players

Toyota's three American manufacturing sites, Kentucky, Indiana, and West Virginia recently celebrated their 20th, 10th, and 10th anniversaries, respectively. Perfect attendance employees (nearly twenty thousand) received portable mp3 players as a thank you for their dedication. Along with these players was an audio retrospect for each year of the manufacturing plant's life. Tom Martin narrated this interesting yearly flashback that included historic moments, entertainment tidbits, period music, and soundbites from past Toyota events.

Laura Newsome of Meridian produced and managed this mammoth project, and Neil Kesterson of Dynamix produced the audio soundtracks.

Listen to a sample of Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana's retrospect here.

Visit Meridian Communications here.

Dynamix Produces Radio for Toyota

It's hard to believe, but Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky (TMMK) has been in Kentucky for twenty years. In 1986, Toyota broke ground for its first North American auto plant, right here in Kentucky. Toyota wanted to celebrate this momentous anniversary with radio and television spots thanking Kentuckians for welcoming them to our state . The soundtrack was the big hit. A Japanese koto delicately played "My Old Kentucky Home" under the narration, and gradually crossfaded into the University of Kentucky marching band playing "My Old Kentucky Home."

Dan Renaud and Kasey Prunty of Meridian Communications wrote and produced the spots. Neil Kesterson of Dynamix engineered and produced the soundtrack. Steve Broderson of Studio 246 performed the koto track, Tom Martin and Julie Reed narrated the spots, and Chris McElhone of Video Editing Services edited the television spot.

Listen to a radio spot by clicking this link.

Visit Steve Broderson's Studio 246 site by clicking this link.

Visit Meridian Communications by clicking this link.

Visit Video Editing Services by clicking this link.

Jesse Joyce Interviewed by Wall Street Journal

Stand up comedian Jesse Joyce, for whom Dynamix Productions engineered his debut comedy album Joyce to the World, was recently interviewed by the Wall Street Journal Online. Joyce, a New York City resident, talked about how he uses the internet to drum up interest in locales prior to his live shows. He also mentioned that CD sales improved after such efforts. Neil Kesterson of Dynamix engineered, mixed, and mastered Joyce''s album, which was recorded at Comedy Off Broadway in Lexington. Along with touring around the country, appearing on the Bob & Tom Show, and getting pulled over by wise-crack traffic cops, Jesse Joyce will appear on Comedy Central's new show Live at Gotham.

To read the article in the Wall Street Journal, click here.

To visit Jesse Joyce's web site, click here.

Dynamix Joins Commerce Lexington

Dynamix Productions recently joined Commerce Lexington, a business organization serving Central Kentucky. This membership gives Dynamix exposure to over 4,300 other members, as well as non-members who use the service to find local companies to do business with. Commerce Lexington is dedicated to advancing the Bluegrass business community and the area's quality of life. Dynamix is also a member of the Better Business Bureau. To find out more about Commerce Lexington, visit their web site by clicking on the logo below.

Top Environmental Prize Goes to Berea's Craig Williams

The Goldman Environmental Prize, the world's largest prize honoring grassroots environmentalists, has been awarded to chemical weapons foe Craig Williams of Berea, Kentucky. Five other environmental activists from around the world were also honored recently at an awards ceremony in San Francisco. In November 2005, Producer/Director Tom Dusenbery hired Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions as location recordist for a video that would detail Mr. Williams' efforts to stop the military from burning chemical weapons at its Richmond, Kentucky base. Jim Iacona, who has worked on numerous profiles for the Goldman Prize, was videographer. A profile, photos, and a forthcoming video are available on the Goldman Environmental Prize web site.

Click here to visit the Goldman Environmental Prize web site.

Director Tom Dusenberry and Craig Williams outside of the Blue Grass Army Depot in Richmond, KY.

Videographer Jim Iacona and Director Tom Dusenbery in downtown Richmond, KY.

Dynamix Productions Provides ADR for Warner Brothers

When actor Steve Zahn (Chicken Little, Sahara, National Security) recently needed a studio to replace dialog for the upcoming movie Strange Wilderness, Warner Brother Studios chose Dynamix Productions in Lexington, KY.  The ADR (automated dialog replacement) stage at Warner Brothers connected with Dynamix via a special digital studio patch called ISDN.  While Zahn watched a video of the film, directors in Burbank, CA watched an identically synchronized video.  As the section of film that needed to be re-voiced approached, Zahn would hear timing beeps in his headphones and then perform the new lines.  Each new line of dialog is recorded in perfect time with the film.  Warner Brothers sound engineers will next select the best takes, align them with the original dialog, and equalize them to sound like the originally recorded audio.  This is a service that Dynamix Productions offers as well.

ADR is usually needed when there are problems with the sound recorded at the time of filming.  Problems include low dialog, extraneous sounds, or even small changes in the script.   A variety of microphones can be used for this process, but super-directional mics called shotguns (or booms) are most commonly used to more closely match the original recording.  An actor's performance can also be changed or enhanced from that which was originally filmed.

The comedy Strange Wilderness is about the host of a wilderness-themed TV show that goes in search of Bigfoot to save the program from low ratings.  This Adam Sandler-produced film is scheduled to be released in theaters later this year by Twentieth Century Fox. 

Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions has also recently supplied ADR for the films Hide and Seek and Beauty Shop.  Dynamix Productions provides recording services for advertising, corporate communications, films, videos, web sites, podcasts, and musicians.  Dynamix Productions has been in business since 2003, and is located at 332 North Ashland Avenue in Lexington, KY.  To find out more, visit the web site at www.dxaudio.com, or call 859-335-1011.

Follow the progress of Strange Wilderness through IMDb, the Internet Movie Database by clicking here.

Twenty One Productions Begins Podcasts

Twenty One Productions, a local independent film company, and Dynamix Productions has teamed up to produce podcasts. Partners Russell Johnson, David Cottingham, and Mat Raney share duties bringing insights into the world of film making. From filmmakers just starting out, to those already in the biz, all will find this frank talk about movie production engaging.

The uninhibited form of podcasting allows more freedom to explore a subject more deeply and provide real conversation that draws listeners in. What's usually missing is professional sounding production. Because Dynamix Productions and Twenty One Productions are already strategic partners, it was only natural to team up and deliver a podcast that was not only engaging, but sounded great, too. Neil Kesterson of Dynamix has engineered soundtracks for several Twenty One short films.

Click here to listen to Russell, Dave, and Matt with guests as they discuss the ups and downs of film making.

Kentucky Almanac To Be Available on CD-ROM

The Clark Group and Dynamix Productions recently teamed up to record audio segments of the upcoming CD-ROM companion to Clark's Kentucky Almanac. Tom Martin narrated the segments written by a variety of authors, including a forward by the late historian-laureate Dr. Thomas D. Clark. The Almanac is a 784-page book of Kentucky facts that any reader will find absorbing. Michael Breeding of Americana Productions is producing video segments in this searchable CD-ROM.

To find out more about this fascinating book, visit the Clark Group's sight by clicking here.

Author Neil Chethik Stops in for NPR Programs

Lexington author Neil Chethik of "VoiceMale: What Husbands Really Think About Their Marriages, Their Wives, Sex, Housework, and Commitment," was in our studios recently on two occasions. Neal Conan, host of NPR's live call in show Talk of the Nation, was interviewing Chethik about his new book while listeners from around the country phoned in. This was accomplished with our real-time digital studio-to-studio ISDN connection.

Chethik was also interviewed live for San Francisco's NPR affiliate, KALW, by Mary Ambrose on the show
Your Call. Chethik's book is the culmination of extensive research that tries to answer the question "What do men really want?" Neil Chethik has also appeared on ABC's Good Morning America.

Listen to NPR's archive of Neil Chethik's interview here.

Find out more about Neil Chethik's book here.

Dynamix Helps Clients Win Ten 2005 ADDY Awards

Dynamix helped ten clients win 2005 Lexington ADDY Awards this year. Kudos to the winners, and thank you for trusting Dynamix with your project. Here is the list of winners:

All-Rite Pest Control Radio Series
*Gold ADDY Award
Bluegrass Family Health Television Series
*The Ralph Gabbard Television Excellence Award
*Gold ADDY Award

Bluegrass Family Health Campaign
*Silver ADDY Award

CJ Advertising
School Counts Campaign
*Silver ADDY Award
Don Jacobs "What's Your SIgn?" Campaign
*Gold ADDY Award

University of Kentucky Athletics Association "UKAA Hoops Campaign"
*Bronze ADDY Award
Fifth Third Bank ""Salt" Radio
*Bronze ADDY Award

One Alliance Communications
United Radiation Oncology "A Vision Takes Shape" Audio/Visual Sales Presentation
*Gold ADDY Award
United Radiation Oncology "A Vision Takes Shape" Television
*Gold ADDY Award

Group Therapy Records Demo DVD

The Lexington-based band Group Therapy recently hired Dynamix Productions and Post Time Productions to produce a DVD of their performances. The nine-piece band performed in our 30' x 25' studio against a white cych wall with multiple microphones arranged to capture a "live" feel. Group Therapy will use the DVD to market themselves to potential venues and events. If you would like more information about Group Therapy, contact Dynamix Productions.

Listen to highlights from Group Therapy's jam session here

Kentucky State Police Cite Fatal Motorcycle Statistics

Motorcycle registrations over the last five years has increased over 65%, while the number of motorcycle fatalities has increased 75%. This sobering statistic was brought to life in a radio spot produced by Jon Vaden, the director of Creative Services in Kentucky's Commerce Cabinet. Michael Kilbourne voiced the radio spot.

Listen to "Statistics" here.

American Car Care Centers Teams Up With Dynamix

Stephens Direct of Dayton, Ohio recently hired Neil Kesterson and Dynamix to produce several video soundtracks for the American Car Care Centers' WInter Sales Convention. One video included a very layered soundtrack emulating two race cars on a deserted stretch of highway, complete with bumpers rubbing and tire squeals. Fred Barbaro of Video Adventures in Dayton, Ohio edited the presentations.

Kentucky Department of Homeland Security Airs PSAs

The Kentucky Department of Homeland Security asks "are you prepared if a disaster strikes?" These public service announcements, produced by Dave Wilkinson of Wilkinson Creative and Susie Merida of Brand Advertising, raise some serious questions. But, the KDHS has answers and tips to help you prepare via their web site. Michael Kilbourne and Kathie Stamps provided the voice-over.

Listen to "Preparedness" here.

Newtown Pike Extension Project Now Clarified by Video

Dominic Eardly of Walking Man Productions hired Dynamix Productions to produce the soundtrack to a video designed to educate Lexingtonians about the upcoming Newtown Pike Extension Project. This project, talked about since the 1930's but never implemented until now, will alleviate traffic congestion, provide land grants for displaced property owners, and provide new opportunities for businesses along the proposed route. This very informative video will be shown at neighborhood meetings, council and planning meetings, and be broadcast on GTV3, the local government's access channel. The video was produced for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

LBAR Makes Selling Your Home a "Snap"

Right Place Media recently hired Dynamix Productions to produce radio spots for the Lexington Bluegrass Realtors Association. If you need to buy or sell your home, LBAR's multiple listing service can make things a "snap." Television spots were also produced by Post Time Productions. Jim Jones of Dayton, Ohio provided the voice-over.

Find out why it's a "snap" here.

East Kentucky Power Promotes All A Scholarships

East Kentucky Power recently hired Dynamix Productions to record college students who have benefited from scholarships from the statewide power company. Clint Evans, Eli Griffith, Eric Hale, and Ginger Pennington dropped into the studios amidst their busy schedules to give their thoughts about the awards. Jerry McDonald of EKP and Troy House of Blackfish Films produced the spots, and Leland Conway provided the voice-over.

Listen to Eric Hale's spot here.

"The Maya" Documentary now in Smithsonian Gift Shop

The Maya live today, and they dance. Fannee Higlander of Indian Summer Productions Georgetown, Kentucky has captured traditional Mayan dance in a new documentary called "The Maya." This program is now available in the gift shop at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Javier Alarcon of Mexico is of Mayan descent and has recreated what he believes to be the true ceremonial dance of the ancient Maya. Javier travels the North American continent with his dance troupe to enlighten the masses in the ancient dance and the struggles the present day Mayan people have endured to maintain their culture in the face of modern society. Greg Sparks of VideoLab in Lexington edited the program, and Neil Kesterson of Dynamix Productions produced the soundtrack. If you'd like a copy for $15.00, you don't have to fly to D.C., just email Fanne Higlander at IndianSummer_@hotmail.com.