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Business Lexington Podcasts

Did you know that Dynamix Productions and Smiley Pete Publishing have been teaming up for two years to provide readers of Business Lexington with podcasts? Editor in Chief Tom Martin, along with other staff writers, have been interviewing the most interesting shakers and movers in Central Kentucky and providing the full interview as a downloadable podcast. Some of the most recent guests in the studios of Dynamix Productions include:

  • Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry
  • Fark.com creator Drew Curtis
  • UK Medical Center Director Dr. Michael Karpf
  • Clark Publishing owner Bobby Clark
  • Councilperson Andrea James, along with David Cozat and P.G. Peeples
  • Eastern Kentucky University President Dr. Doug Whitlock
  • Businessman and Banker Terry Forscht
  • Commerce Lexington President Ann McBrayer